Friday, April 27, 2012

Wow! Sheridan Red Line To Get Major Rehab

A press release from the 46th Ward Aldermanic Office:

Alderman Cappleman, 46th Ward Applauds Funding for Sheridan Red Line Station

April 27, 2012 (CHICAGO) – 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman commends Senator Durbin, Congresswoman Schakowsky, Congressman Quigley, Governor Quinn, and Mayor Emanuel as they announced today that the Sheridan station is slated to receive approximately $17 million for major renovations.

Alderman Cappleman stated, “The key to any thriving urban neighborhood is safe, clean reliable public transit. With the Sheridan Red Line station renovations, we’ll increase public safety, create a more attractable area for economic development, and reduce the number of cars on our crowded streets. Additionally, this plan will bring many needed jobs to Chicago.” He added, “The Sheridan Redline Stop is one of the northern stations that has needed improvements for a long time. These renovations will help residents, business owners and Cubs fans alike.”

The Sheridan Station renovation is a part of a $1 billion overhaul that includes federal, state and local funding sources for the Red Line from its northern end to the 95th Street station. The complete reconstruction of the Wilson station and upgrades to the Lawrence stop are a part of this investment, which includes several individual projects to improve stations, tracks, viaducts, and power and runs from this year to 2015 that includes federal, state and local funding sources.

The funding breakdown for the $1 billion overhaul is:
  • $702 million in State funds from the Illinois Jobs Now program
  • $256 million in federal funds 
  • $44 million in local CTA and City funds

In other CTA news, the Sun-Times has a tentative schedule for rehab of stations on the Red Line and the resulting closures:
  • Argyle will be closed for six weeks, starting Aug. 24.
  • Lawrence will be closed for six weeks, starting Oct.14.


  1. This is great news as that station is in desperate need of repair. Hell, it doesn't even have the basic LED screens to let you know what's going on with the trains.

  2. Looking around it seems that it may be awhile before anything happens at Sheridan.

    It seems the CTA has yet to complete the "engineering" for any station changes.

    If they're planning to move the station to the north side of Irving just west of Kenmore as some people have suggested, I'd rather they do nothing at the current station except for basic maintenance.

    Do it right the first time, babee.

    If they're going to move the station they could run the Red Line at ground level from Irving to Montrose. The parking lot and Challenger Park used to be railroad land in the past. It's one hell of a lot cheaper to build and maintain ground level tracks than an elevated structure. The cost of building a new station at ground level would also be a fraction of the cost of elevating it.

    Then deed the "freed" land under the current EL structure to the property owners and stipulate that the additional property tax generated go to the CTA or any successor agencies for say 101 years. Why 101 years? Because 101 Dalmations think it's a doggone good idea. Although they would miss Challenger Bark.

    Woof. It ain't likely to happen dog owners so don't freak out. It makes too much sense and the city rarely does anything sensible.

  3. In the 50s there was also a small El Stop right behind where Buena Cicle is now.Sheidan El needs the rehab big time.

  4. LED screens? I guess I've been spending too much time boarding at Wilson and Lawrence!

  5. Just to clarify my earlier comment, by "LED screens" I meant the small ticker-type signs with the red LEDS. Not referring to the TVs that are now gracing some of the other stops

  6. Oh I knew you meant that type of LED Screens, not the TV's ala Belmont.

  7. FOr how little money this is, this does seem like a band-aid to help Sheridan hobble along for the next 5 or more years before the RMP gets funded and put into effect. For the $17M quotes, this sounds like new roofing, entirely new paint, new decking with ADA edging, and maybe even new stairs and gutted station house. $17M isn't going to do anything new structurally unless there's parts that are deficient that need some shoring up. Remember how Wilson was promised a similar amount and now it got about $100M for a completely new station?

  8. Irish Pirate, the reason for the "temporary" rehab is that the complete rebuild of the Red will not get underway for at least another five years, and meanwhile extremely decrepit, outdated stations like Sheridan are creating big problems for passengers. Sheridan is a fright- extremely shabby appearance and very unsafe, with an ancient wood platform and narrow access gate that would make it really difficult to safely evacuate people in an emergency like a fire.

    I was at the meeting for the reno of the Loyola Station and redevelopment of adjacent property tonight, and asked, why spend $10M renovating and building a new station entrance and plaza, when the line is slated for a $4.5 Billion rebuild in a few years. I was told it would take quite a while longer than "a few years" and that it might take 10 to get underway. In the meantime, Loyola and CTA consider it desirable to improve passenger and pedestrian safety there and so a "budget" $10M reno will be done, along with the development of a 4 story mixed use residential-retail building.

    The neighborhood around the Sheridan station is really charming and badly needs for this station to be improved, with greater accessibility, How CTA intends to do that without replacing it, I can't really imagine, but a bigger station area with better access and emergency exits, with complete repairs and cosmetic improvements, would help a lot until the bigger project can get financed and underway.