Friday, April 27, 2012

"Pecking Order" To Open Early Summer

Last February, chef Kristine Subido announced that she would be opening a new restaurant in the Montrose/Clark area.  We've been looking forward to finding out more about it.

Well, thanks to Grub Street Chicago, now we know more details.  Pecking Order will open in the early summer at 4416 N Clark (we are sad to realize that Fishpond, the Filipino restaurant that's a little of everything, will be closing and Pecking Order will be taking over the site).  The website says that it will specialize in "chicken every which way," and Grub Street adds:
The heart of Pecking Order, as announced a while back, is chicken marinated in Subido's mom's marinade (including soy sauce, sugar, garlic and vinegar), which you can order grilled, roasted or fried. Sides will include "Saucy Tots" which she describes as "a Filipino poutine" with tomato gravy over housemade tater tots, garlic rice, adobo-stuffed rice puffs, or housemade (by Mama Subido) pickles.

To that signature lineup she's now added a selection of sandwiches on pandesal bread, the primary bread of the Philippines, similar to Mexican bolillo rolls, with fillings such as chicken, housemade pate, pickles and fried egg. And she's planning salads with brightly-flavored ingredients like mango, jicama, and calamansi (a Filipino citrus) dressing. There will be beers and alcohol and non-alcohol punches, and Halo Halo, the traditional fresh fruit and shaved ice dessert.
Read the entire article here.  You can follow Pecking Order on Facebook, too.   We look forward to stopping by in a couple months.

UU Note:  Isn't it funny, and cool, how a pretty sad block perked right up when two dilapidated warehouses got turned into the Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center?  The store right across the street got a really nice facelift; three condemned buildings were razed; and now a new restaurant with an accomplished chef is opening. Very nice to see it all coming together, and we hope to see more of the same.

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  1. love this, it's a unique sounding place with some ambition. stoked.