Thursday, April 12, 2012

CSJ: Lawrence Avenue In Search Of Identity

One of the street identifier proposals for Lawrence Avenue. via CDOT
by Patty Wetli 
Center Square Journal

Though ground hasn’t yet been broken on the Lawrence Avenue Streetscape, the Chicago Department of Transportation and 47th Ward Office are already reviewing proposals for the project’s finishing touch: community identifiers.

These markers, planned for the east and west ends of the streetscape, will serve as gateways to the spruced-up stretch of Lawrence. “It’s a way to show what the area’s known for or what it’s going to be known for,” says Ernie Constantino, director of constituent services for the 47th Ward. Continue Reading


  1. Looks good. Kindof weird but original looking.

  2. What I am really curious about is, why are they doing this now? I understand that the area could benefit from a facelift. But when we are having problems balancing budgets and laying off people, how does funding for streetscaping get approved?