Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Drive-By Shooting At Clarendon & Bittersweet

photo via Google Streetview
And right on cue with the discussion of cracking down on gangbangers....

"A man was wounded this afternoon in an apparent drive-by shooting in the Lakeview neighborhood on the North Side.  The shooting happened about 2 p.m. near the intersection of Marine Drive and Irving Park Road, said Police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli. No description of the vehicle was available."

That's what the Tribune says.  But it's not quite accurate.

A reader writes:  "The story identifies it as Irving Park and Marine, but my wife and seven-month-old son were out walking the dog at this time, at it happened at Clarendon and Bittersweet.  Thankfully they were a half a block away, after passing the spot of the shooting a minute earlier. 

This shit keeps up, Buena Park neighbors needs to form its own vigilante squads.  Can't believe my seven-month-old was that close to a drive by shooting in the middle of the day."

What did Rahm say, "a cancer on the community"?  We can't agree more.


  1. My son and his friend were on their way home from Disney and spent some time at the scene (at Clarendon and Bittersweet). Saw a white car, four or five CPD cars/SUVs, and an ambulance that took the car's driver away. The cops were searching the car, unscrewing door panels. Heard a cop or EMT say something about investigating a crime scene. We had surmised it was a traffic stop turned drug bust, possibly with the driver going to the ER for a tox screen.

    What the hell? There's a pretty steady stream of Disney schoolkids on Clarendon at 2 pm, the older kids who are lingering and the younger kids whose parents have been chatting with other parents. So...if the driver was shot by someone in another car, which seems odd (how can you spot the moving vehicle and identify the target person AND aim your gun correctly when both vehicles are moving?), we are indeed very fortunate that someone on the sidewalk wasn't hit.

  2. yea. I had soccer practice and all of a sudden, we were told to get inside cause something had thinking it was just a crash. Rumors were spread saying that there was also a gun involved and shootings. I was so shocked to see this now. And we were less than 300 yards from there!!

  3. no worries, if anyone IS caught they'll be charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm and be out of county in 2 years because of plea bargaining and overcrowding, maybe even earlier if they behave.

    tisk tisk, bad banger BAD!! Now act like a productive member of society, get a job and fall in line. lol Right.....

    What we need is reform. Reform starts when apathy is set aside. Apathy is only set aside when a swell of people begin to care more about their community and quality of life issues than reality tv, celebrity gossip, your dog, watching sports and downing hot dogs, cheetos, budweisers and soda. I love to garden and hate trash, hence I volunteer at a community garden and always come out for neighborhood clean ups. Is that showing that I'm doing something to solve the real issues? hahahaha, Do I talk to people? Am I politically active? Am I active in community groups? Do I prefer talking about solutions to issues as opposed to kniting, playing video games, hangin' with my "bros" at the bar catching the game, mindlessly watching the TV or drooling on myself while reading Cosmo? Yes.

  4. I know the area all too well and I rent out a unit I own at 3950 N. lake Shore Drive. I never see any gang bangers hanging around that area but there are plenty of cars going to the lake front full of all kinds of people flashing gang signs at each other. The problem is not the area as it is a good one. The problem is the lake front and the drunks from baseball games in the summer that bring many undesirables from all over the city to this peaceful area. I doubt if it can be stopped.

  5. I was parking my car at the time of the shooting on Clarendon. It was a black car with two guys in it. The passenger in the black vehicle was shooting at the driver in the white car. The gunman had every intention to commit cold blooded murder. Very sad world we are living in.

  6. Good or bad idea for Uptown??

  7. Where are all these extra patrol cars suppose to be at Addison station?

  8. I go the school near Claredon and I was gonna walk but instead I chose to take the bus that day , its a good thing I did cuz my school aint that far from Claredon.( By the way I go to Disney just saying.)

  9. Uptown Action I totally agree with you about APATHY, its a major problem in the city with many issues. Nice Speech Uptown Action I couldnt have said it better myself.

  10. Molbop said...
    Where are all these extra patrol cars suppose to be at Addison station?

    Have you looked for them in Englewood or Lawndale?

    Hint, hint:
    You should.

    Because that's where the majority of the 60 percent surge in Chicago homicides is occurring and it's embarrassing to Rahm... So much so, that he's employing his old boss's PR trick of blaming the last guy who held his job. That's right, it's Daley's fault!

  11. Uptown Action,

    You are angry and bitter. I suspect a Cheetoh deficiency. Perhaps if you occasionally stopped stabbing the keys with angry condesencion, and took the time to lick your orange-stained finders, life would be better for all of us.