Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Throw The Book At Him

From the Tribune today:
A man who was allegedly viewing pornographic cartoons in a North Side library told police he hadn't registered as a child sex offender because he doesn't have an address. He has one now: Cook County Jail.

Police were called to the Chicago Public Library, 929 W. Buena Ave. in the Buena Park neighborhood, Saturday afternoon because patrons had seen John Cameron, 60, allegedly looking up child pornography on a computer there, according to police. 
(Read the rest of the story here.)
Good job by patrons and librarians who called the cops. And a penalty to the guy, who in addition to all his other crimes, gave a fake Uptown address to the cops when he actually lives in Edgewater! Dude, for real?


  1. I'm surprised the library's network didn't have any filters setup block these types of sites.

  2. I used to go to that library all the time and more than once I saw people viewing hardcore porno YouTube videos on the computers.