Tuesday, March 6, 2012

There's Fast Sales, Then There's KFC

A sharp-eyed reader wrote in to say:  "I just happened to notice that the old KFC is now on the market for $820k.... Let the fantasies begin."

$820,000 may sound like a lot, but it's quite a comedown from the list price in October of 2008 -- a cool $1,999,500!

The property has been vacant for at least four years and is located at 4150 N Broadway, at the corner of Broadway and Buena.  The current real estate listing says:

"Property Information:  $820,000. Bank owned. Current use is an abandoned KFC restaurant with some equipment still in structure and very salvageable for end user sitting on a 14,593 sq ft lot with drive thru and plenty of parking. Potential approved uses is for a 24 unit residential w/24 parking spaces mixed use 44,700 sq ft building. Residential units above and ground floor commercial. Building is sold as is."

Make BPN's Litter Patrol very happy and contact the real estate agent if you know someone who might be interested.

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