Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Missing Man Is From Uptown

Update:  The doesn't appear to be a good  ending to this story.  A man's body was pulled from the lake at Montrose Harbor Thursday evening, and while he has not been formally identified, his family believes it is Todd.  Heartbreaking.  Please keep his loved ones in your thoughts and, if you are so inclined, your prayers.

Update:  The original flyer has been removed at the request of Todd's family.

If you know anything about Todd's whereabouts, please call the number on the poster.  His family is frantic.

"Todd has been missing since Friday, March 2nd.  Todd last used his cell phone near the intersection of Clarendon and Sunnyside at approx. 9pm Friday.  There has been no sign of him since that time.

I have met with a CPD detective, searched hospitals and the morgue, and have been distributing flyers at convenience stores, churches, shelters, etc.

This is very out of character for Todd and family and friends are quite concerned while we're also in a state of shock."


  1. This is awful and so disturbing. A couple of days ago they found a 28 year old drowned man, Philip Patnaude, in Belmont Harbor. Someone on another blog mentioned these might be "smiley face murders". I jog by Belmont Harbor and go with my friend bird-watching near Montrose Harbor. It disturbs me that this stuff is going on near some of my favorite areas along the lakefront.

  2. Unfortunately, this man was pulled out of Montrose Harbor last night. Very sad.,0,7741622.story