Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New "Pollo Loco" In Town

Villa May Pizzeria, on Lawrence between Clark and Ashland, gave way to Village II Pizza last year.  Now the space is taking an entirely new direction with the addition of "Pollo Loco," a taqueria.  Anyone been there yet to give a review?


  1. The by-products of the water filtration plant would be an improvement over the "food" served in the previous two restaurants. Instant indigestion!

    Best wishes for success and GOOD FOOD to the new folks on the block!

  2. Crazy Chicken is back in Uptown?!

    Of course no relation to the ol' El Pollo Loco.....

    I'll give it a shot, I agree with Gayle the last two establishments were blah at best.

  3. I too went there and all I can say the food is not for the weak of the stomach. I needed a extra dose of my stomach medicine. Well how much different can a toco be. Just some are more tougher and stick between your teeth more then others.
    They do creat a addition to the block and I wish them well...

  4. Walked by today and they were smoking in there. Between that and the worst sign in Uptown (that's saying something), I'll stick with Rokitos.