Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lawrence L Station Temporary Closure Date Announced

Residents who use the Lawrence red line station will need to find a close alternative this October.  According to the CTA's "Red Ahead" site, the Lawrence station is slated for temporary closure around October 12, 2012.  "Station closures will last no longer than six weeks."  The Argyle station's temporary closure has no approximate date given. Plan ahead.


  1. I pray they are going to do more than a slap a little paint on the stairway and call it a day. A canopy to deter the pigeons and some walls closing in the station house would be nice.

    And get rid of that chain link fence for God's sake.

  2. I hope the station gets a facelift! I also concur with miss kitty in that the pigeon population needs to be better controlled around the station. Perhaps the CTA can add some more turnstiles for people enter/exit. It can get really crowded in peak hours.