Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Shooters Just Arrested" (And The Names Are Familiar)

We got a text in the wee hours of the morning from someone who's always given us good information in the past.  He asked to remain anonymous, as well as to keep how he knows this out of the blog, but this is from the scene.  We'll paraphrase it to keep his anonymity, as requested.
"Shooters just arrested.

Police-involved car crash from a chase on LSD @1am.

2 officers injured chasing down the shooters.

I saw Omari Robinson in back of squad.  Four males arrested, one Hispanic, three African American (believed to be from Magnolia).

Also, they --  Magnolia P Stones -- drove over to the 11th Police District (Harrison) and shot two others -- killing one -- after the Sheridan shooting.

Also, the head shot victim from earlier not expected to make it.

Also, 4th victim from Wilson ran to Weiss after getting shot in stomach.  All arrested.  Four in total, all from Magnolia."
Omari Robinson... of the Sugar Magnolia Omari Robinsons.

Update:  Here's the Tribune story, updated at 4:53a.m.:  "Four people were arrested early Saturday morning after their van collided with two police cars pursuing it on southbound Lake Shore Drive, police said. [...] Police saw the van near downtown about 1 a.m. and tried to pull it over. The car fled north on Lake Shore Drive into the Uptown Police District before turning around and heading back south toward downtown, police said.

The pursuit ended after an accident between the van and two police cars in the 2300 block of Lake Shore Drive, just south of Fullerton Avenue." Read the entire article here.


  1. Bring in the National Guard to assist the police. Attending the CAP meetings and calling 911 is just not doing it.

  2. This really sucks once again. The only real positive thing is pretty soon the only place the P Stones will be hanging out is in the cemetery where they all belong.

  3. I see they were picked up in a mini van? On Thursday I noticed a mini van fitting the description parked at Malden and Sunnyside. Sure enough, the Williams brothers were standing guard and they were loading Tyriese Williams (Who had been shot the day before) in to the van. The van was being driven by a hispanic male at the time (The P Stones have teamed up with the Latin Kings of late). I called 911 because I had a gut feeling something was going to go down. "Rumor" has it they were off to retaliate.

    I also forwarded the picture directly to Commander Boehmer and received a quick response.

    I hope they get them all and put them away for a long long time.

  4. For the love of God, can our judicial system actually do something that benefits society and toss these terrorists in a deep, dark hole, lose the key and have them forgotten about?

    What public defender or attorney in their right mind would represent such societal outcasts as our lovely P-Stones? If they are in custody, I NEVER want to hear about or see pictures of Tyriese or Omari AGAIN!! No bond should be given, no leniency, no parole hearings.. These individuals are done, they deserve never to see the light of day again. If convicted of murder, its unfortunate that they did it after we have outlawed capital punishment.

  5. I was driving the other way on LSD when the police cornered a black SUV by hitting it into the guardrail. Scary thing to see with so many other cars just driving along unsuspecting.

  6. Thank HELEN SHILLER and her staff of idiots... SHE created this huge pile of human crap and did NOTHING but encourage them and discourage the police.

    The damage that Helen, her staff AND HER POLITICAL BACKERS are 100% to blame for this... 22 years of complete and total anarchy...and I personally believe that HELEN SHILLER, HER STAFF and HER BACKERS are personally responsible for every person killed, every innocent child shot and every normal residence fear. They will answer to God. They did absolutely nothing to stop this, nothing!

    James Cappleman, I do not envy you. You will undoubtedly be blamed because,in six months, you have been unable to stop the madness that took literally decades to create. I , and I know most of Uptown, have your back... we know you can not snap your fingers and fix the entrenched scum we have in our neighborhood. It takes a long time to treat a Cancer, and I for one, appreciate the fact you have done more in a few months than HELEN SHILLER, HER STAFF and HER ACCOMPLICES did in over 20 years...thank you James, and please keep up the good work on this long, long road back to sanity and neighborhood safety...

  7. Blagojevich gets 11 years min, but violent criminals go to prison as though it is a vacation, learn some new skills and get put back onto the streets to take up where they left off. Interesting. i'm not saying Blago should have gotten less. I'm saying these losers need more.

  8. Barkingorange, I'm guessing the National Guard would be called in on the Southside or Westside before they would be called into Uptown. Jus sayin'.

    Before you give up on CAPS, I'm wondering if you are actively participating in their meetings (other than just go to complain) and if you are involved with Court Advocacy?

  9. So how is the Sedgwick plan going to reduce these crimes?

  10. @Chipdouglas. Nice work. We need more people in the community doing that type of work. I know there are several more of you on this blog that are also very involved. @Uptown action. I couldnt agree more. Our Judical System is to blame for a large portion of this. I see CPD working hard and locking people up all the time, yet i see the same people back on the street.

  11. It looks like the Tribune has a different story and not sure this is connected.,0,1264330.story


  12. I don't know about Barkingorange, but I'm guessing that most people who shout "bring in the national guard" or other useless waste of time never going to happen fantasy world ideas - that this is the fullest extent to which they participate in trying help the community.

  13. This is the perfect opportunity to think outside of the box, while the gangs are licking their wounds and have at least some of their leaders "incapacitated"....

    The City of Chicago obviously (as was pointed out during MONDAY NIGHT'S incident) has a drug-and-gang house program, and I would be surprised if several more Uptown buildings were NOT listed in it. The Alderman has a list of problem buildings where there are known gang and drug problems that he has supposedly targeted for some level of intervention. The CHA and Section 8 program have indicated to some in the neighborhood that they want to do some things to clean up problems. The CPD obviously has a lot of drug and gang intelligence. We know now that ATFE has interest in some of the activities in Uptown, based on Monday night's events. We don't know if the FBI and DEA have any interest in the happenings in Uptown, but if they don't, they should (if the CPD can't shut down the drug dealing and can't keep the dealers behind bars, then maybe the Feds can do a better and more effective job at it).

    This set of converging events begs for a multi-agency task force to keep the gangs off-balance, hitting them with anything and everything we can: get the FBI going after the gangs on RICO charges, the DEA on drug trafficking charges, the ATFE on firearms charges, and CPD can fill in the missing pieces...get the City to target the drug and gang houses under city ordinances to either shut their doors or put them into receivership, get the CHA and Section 8 program to evict problem tenants with felony records (and their families who violate their leases), and declare the entire neighborhood a "gang hotspot" in order to disperse those who remain from the gangs and keep the neighborhood flooded with police for longer than two days.

    Decapitate the gang leadership, shut down their drug dealing and gun slinging, close down their hangouts, run out their families, and keep the heat on the landlords to screen their tenants and actively manage and secure their properties...then I guarantee you that the gangs will be knocked on their asses so far that they will not be able to recover in this neighborhood. They'll be too busy defending themselves in Federal court and their families and supporters will be too busy trying to find new roofs over their heads...their backs will be broken. Call it Uptown's version of "Shock and Awe", and make it happen!

  14. I only see the name of OMARI ROBINSON. I'd like to see the other names reported by the media. I'd like to see anyone taken in custody for a shooting or anyone shot, named by the media. Not publishing the names, gives them power. If you feel the same, contact at the Tribune. Let's demand the curtain be removed.

  15. Last January Omari was arrested after a 5 month investigation/operation Called "sugar magnolia". Now he is back on the streets??? I think it's time to implement a 3 strikes policy for these gangbangers who are taking over the streets and flooding them w violence.

    Obviously the P Stones are going to retaliate for the incident the other day where Tyriese was involved. Why not follow these guys? Why aren't under cover cops all over that area? If they want to take each other out, go at it. However this has gone WAY to far!! Put ankle bracelets on these guys! Do anything it takes before more innocent lives are taken.

    Btw I started listening to the police scanner over the past couple days. We need more cops on the streets. Rahm needs to take action ASAP bc dealing with the chaos Uptown is a full time job!

  16. Bear60640:

    Your comments are very valid. However, the coordination of all these forces takes lots of time and dollars. Unfortunately, that money is scarce and unless the perps are going to get long sentances, rather useless. The next problem is having to take on the following generation of bangers who will step up into the leadership roles vacated by the current generation.

    A lot of people on this blog want more "community involvment" by the residents. This is good, but there is not a formal structure for this involvement, just fractured pieces. CAPs meetings, after school programs, community watch, positive loitering, Ceasefire vigils, etc. Uptown Update does a great job publicizing these meetings and events, and commentors comments have much validity.

    However, if you want to deploy people to better a community, you need to put together with time a dollars a structure that can channel volunteers to make a difference.

    Where is the business community on these issues? How many bank branches are there within the confines of Uptown. What if each of these bank branches contributed $5,000 in a year's time towards hiring a permanent team that could recruite and channel the volunteers at Truman for basketball programs or send volunteers to the library for reading programs or organize a Big Brothers or Sisters Program, or sponsor a Boy or Girl Scout troop.

    As it stands right now, we are all waiting for leadership. I call on Ald Cappleman to create a working group of people in our community to integrate these programs and volunteers into one force and then we can spread out and make a better community.

  17. You want real change? REAL change? Then you should've voted as I did to approve the massive Sedgwick construction. Look, something major needs to happen to change the culture around here. That project not only would've dramatically increased the foot traffic around here, but it also would've been a singular gentrification initiative to help shepherd in more good, honest citizens.

    Instead, the overwhelming majority voted to keep the status quo. I understand the reasons against it, but sorry, no way no how do they outweigh the obvious good that was going to come from it.

    Uptown is in need of a major jolt to spearhead a new culture, and the one glaring case I saw to do just that was ushered out of town by the vast majority of you.

  18. Lambert, were you part of a secret vote on Sedgwick that no one else was? Are you saying that you were the lone voice in the wilderness that voted for Sedgwick and that the project was voted down by all your neighbors? Why are you talking about the project in the past tense?

    Because at the Zoning meeting that *I* attended as a voting member a couple days ago, there was no vote on Sedgwick, pro or con.

    The only vote was whether or not to table the discussion until the next meeting, and that was approved.

    Please inform us what meeting you are talking about where Sedgwick was sent packing. Because you're looking like you're making stuff up to make a point, and we know you wouldn't do that, right?

  19. Want to solve this, vote in a new CCSA and Sheriff and Governor who will be a balls to the wall hardliner on violent crime. Like it or not state political control is centered in Chicago. So your neighbors who keep voting in the Alvarezes and Quinns and Madigan are complicit in this debacle. When the thugs realize that committing a violent felony will not be plead down to a misdemeanor and will not be given probation or parole or time served or early release. Then many of them might reconsider. In the interim it seems that the thugs are escalating, eventually innocents will get in the way. Sad.

  20. why doosen't our offical leaders think we our not in war. they put our military in coutries that don't want us in their to protect their citizens. They don't help the citizens of the United States from the gangs. The police said once they can control some of the gang members. I have my doubts now.

  21. I'm really glad the cops are OK; the others, not so much. It sounds as if at least 2 were taken out:) Have at it bleeding hearts!

  22. Trumansquare: The project and subsequent vote I was referring to occurred during the summer. I could've sworn it was by Sedgwick Realty Co. (or something similar to that). It called for two massive residential buildings, including a grocery store, gym, and some other commercial ventures.

    There was a very large contingent of Uptown residents to hear presentations from the realty group as well as Uptown residents opposing it, and afterward we voted on the matter. With the overwhelming majority opposing the project, Cappelman opted against allowing the project to commence.

    There very well could be a more recent initiative to which you're referring, if so, please let me know about it.

  23. Right on Bear. We need to come up with solutions.

    I know we can't, but wouldn't it be nice to take a million or two from the TIF and hire an Uptown private security firm? I can dream ,can't I?

    Hey Lambert, please go cash your Sedgwick pay check. Do you think the gang members will decide to stay indoors once we have a new shiny building 3 blocks from the center of all the recent activity? Did the increased foot traffic and gentrification with new Target and Aldi reduce crime at all?
    Or do you think the increased traffic will not allow the vans to be able to escape on Lake Shore Drive? Even if the Sedgwick TIF House gets built, what do you think we ought to do about the these crimes for the 2-3 years of construction?

    The police can do only so much. We need to figure out how to deal with this and not just read about it. I think even positive loitering folks could be in danger cuz these thugz just don't care.

  24. First,

    Lambert, I'm for a big and dense development at the Maryville site WITHOUT a huge use of TIF dollars. However, to suggest that said development is a huge part of the answer to our gang problem is wrong. Let me just say you put the "more" in moron. I guess the Sedgwick plan will also cure gingivitis and the heartbreak of dandruff.

    Second, some of the other ideas posted here are just wrong. The National Guard is not going to be called out and even if it were it costs money. Those of you who want more police and/or prisons would also be whining loudly when you received your tax bills. Also some of the ideas posted here violate various parts of the US Constitution.

    Third, the idea of cops or vigilantes killing these assholes appeals to me. The idea of tossing out due process in regards to these room temperature IQ'd idiots makes me giggle like Rich Daley thinking about democracy and TIF dollars.

    However, and it's a big freaking HOWEVER, I am unwilling to see the Constitution shit on because of these morons. Earlier this week our wonderful US Senate voted to basically abrogate the fourth amendment. It's a sad day in America when on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks one of the few pundits who questions this idiocy is the comedian Jon Stewart.

    Learn from the Tao of Yoda.

    Learn from the Tao of Dirty Harry on his view of vigilantism.

    Then listen to Jose Feliciano sing the national anthem.

    There is fear and outrage over these shootings and there should be.

    The way to reduce this shit is through constitutional means.

    Locally that means draconian evictions of tenants who facilitate the drug trade. If your son or grandson is "staying at" your apartment and shooting up the neighborhood either you keep him out or the sheriff evicts you. I am talking a process that lasts weeks and not 6-9 months. You start doing that and the bangers will eventually not be allowed to stay with their friends or relatives.

    The truth is we would get more bang for our buck, bad choice of phrase I know, if we had more paralegals and attorneys working for the city who concentrated on housing court cases, than we would with an equal number of new cop hires.

    The court system is broken. When gang idiots can fire across a crowded street, plead guilty and get sentenced to two years in prison the system is BROKEN with a capital F. It's generally not the fault of the police as these idiots are being arrested frequently.

    Through the parole and probation system it's also possible to legally require that bangers not associate with certain people OR stay out of certain areas.

    You can also do the same thing if the idiots make bail.

    Then if they violate said requirement, and they likely will, hammer them.

    Finally legalize and regulate drugs. That will create another set of problems inevitably, but those problems will almost certainly be less serious than the gang war we have now.

    So endeth the lesson.

  25. So, I just checked the cook county inmate website, and neither williams or robinson are in custody in cook county. :-(

  26. "What public defender or attorney in their right mind would represent such societal outcasts as our lovely P-Stones?"

    The ones that are doing their jobs. In the US, you are innocent until proven guilty.

    No ripping on public defenders.

  27. "The truth is we would get more bang for our buck, bad choice of phrase I know, if we had more paralegals and attorneys working for the city who concentrated on housing court case"

    Hell ya IP!!!! Bout time some of those attorneys got some props! Drug and Gang Housing was A GREAT program until the City gutted it...

  28. ,,,,,No ripping on public defenders.

    A scumbag gangbanger still has his constitutional rights. His public defender is there to ensure these rights are upheld. NOT to use some subterfuge to enable the guilty to go free!!

  29. Irish Pirate and Just Asking: Quit with the personal attacks. Seriously. So we have differing opinions on the matter, that's fine. But say what you don't like about my stance without resorting to personal shots. Our strategies are wide-ranging, but we're all on the same team here.

    My belief that a massive, upscale residential project would lead to decreased gang activity is grounded in time-tested, urban evolution. No, it's not a quick fix, and therefore I agree that there should be more immediate actions taken, too. But the influx of a large amount of capital and quality citizens tends to have very real (albeit amorphous and gradual) affects on reversing deviate behavior and ushering out gang bangers. We don't know exactly the shape that it will take, but it happens.

    Furthermore, the construction is a realistic solution that we can help push on a grassroots level. Legalizing crack, on the other hand, is simply not something that will be done (for what it's worth, I'm very much in favor of its legalization and regulation), and certainly not something that we have any control over.

    And for the record, I'm not involved in real estate and have no commercial interest in the matter.

  30. I was wondering does anybody know what Ceasefire is doing?

  31. Lambert - you beat me to the punch. The comments left by Irish Pirate and Just Asking were unnecessary. Leave the bullying to the gangbangers.

  32. The Sedgewick proposal is an entirely different issue, just to state the obvious. Increased foottraffic does decrease crime...where the traffic is that is. That development however it works out will have no effect on the goings on at Sunnyside Mall for instance, just my guess.

    It is going to take a multiple number of strategies, some mentioned in this thread and others not mentioned.

    Engaging with the law-abiding residents and families closest to the problem is one way...alienating them by merely focusing on "shutting down" their building not so much. Of course they still want their landlords whoever they may be held accountable, ALMOST as much as they want a roof over their law-abiding heads.

    The National Guard are better at disaster remediation and convoy protection then urban policing, to their credit.

    But that is just my 2 shillings worth.

  33. Many very valid and good ideas here. Many of you folks have your thinking caps on, and my hat is off to you. Anyone who fires a gun on the street outside of legal self defense gets no sympathy from me.

  34. The Sedgwick proposal isn't going to help with this any more than Wilson Yard did - and that's much closer. What baffling is how much inspection and regulations and hoops an individual has to go thru to become and remain a Section 8 LANDLORD, yet - for some reason - some organizations (with tax-exempt "not-for-profit" status, no less) get to go around all this. And the TENANTS don't have to answer to anyone.

  35. Lambert, scroll down a couple items on UU's main page to read about the Zoning and Planning Development meeting on Thursday night to consider Sedgwick's latest attempt at a site plan.

    Apparently they have some kind of financial arrangement with the nuns who own the property to have first rights to develop it, and the alderman's office has not been approached by any other developers, so they have come back to the table with a different plan.

    Of course they claim they can only do it with TIF dollars, which seems to be the sticking point.

    I thought you were aware of the meeting two nights ago, which came to no conclusion and no vote about Sedgwick, when I responded to your comment about the community having sent Sedgwick packing. I apologize for not understanding that you were referring to the June meeting.

  36. Here is a Tribune article largely supporting the posted account, but without naming names:

  37. More on the arrests:,0,668501.story

  38. "to use some subterfuge to enable the guilty to go free!!"

    Huh? What does this even mean? What evidence do you have that PD's do this?

  39. Another shooting 4 am 4600 block of Broadway. Tribune forgets to mention that it's right where there was a 6 hour standoff on Monday....

  40. Sheridan and wilson is a 3rd world of the worst blocks in the city.

  41. Anyone found to be in a gang shoud be thrown out of their CHA house and have their government cheese taken away from them. No Help Anymore. Anyone who has more then 9 kids with different fathers should have to fend for themselves. Given a choice to have their tubes tied. If a CHA apartment opens it should be handed over to a homeless VET, someone between the age of 50-60. Urine Test for drugs should be RANDOM. If your doing drugs you get a choice to get help or get out. If you have 9 children they should all be given a shovel and have to shovel snow around the neighborhood or cut grass in the summer. This buisness of everyone who pays taxes to pay for this bullshit has got to stop. AND I'm A LIBERAL DEMOCRAT. ALSO to you crybabies always watching what the cops are doing....Let the Police give these young kids a kick in the ass or a crack in the head when they need it. Let the police do their job without you assholes taking pictures of them or crying police brutality. If you want to change the neighborhood you have chosen to move into shut your mouths and start sticking up for the police 100% of the time when it comes to cases with these young boys who wear the WHITE Tee Shirts and sell drugs. Remember this YOU MOVED INTO UPTOWN. UPTOWN is a beast and has been a beast long before you came around. Let the Police Tame the Beast. Or bring in the Outfit in to clean things up. Yes the Outfit...the Mob. You folks sitting inside these goofie CAPS meetings crying like idiots is not going to solve things. Let the police work the old fashion way, and turn your head if you can't stand a little adjustment in life to those who really need it. I am not a police officer, but someone whos gradfather was. I am sorry if I sound mean, but I am angry at what this has come to. It sickens me to see our police officers have their hands tied when we know that these criminals would kill our men in blue without blinking their eyes....Or are you so dumb that you don't understand that? Wake Up People. Please WAKE UP. It all starts by adjusting your view of the police department by viewing them and someone who is YOUR body guard. Ask yourself if you had a bodyguard, and someone looked as if they were going to attack you; what would you have your body guard do? Well this is your neighborhood...look at your neighborhood as if it was your body, and the police are protecting your body.

  42. I hope my comment wasn't too offensive. I really hope you post my free speech. If you choose not to I am going to be sad. If you need me to edit it send it back and I will try. Thank You.

  43. I was born & raised in uptown. A lot of the people on this site have spent a lot of money to live in an area that was already filled with hate & violence. I lived in Uptown from 1984 - 2002 & witnessed this area get new faces & a face lift. This is something that is only going to get worse. Uptown has too many different gangs & too many new comers. For years it has been that way & it will never change until the people writing on these blogs & people of wealth invest their own time & money to make a change. I lost many loved ones to violence in uptown. Stop the Violence marches every time a kid gets killed is not the solution! You have to become involved. I see the people here know people from the area by face & name, but do they know you? I think not! Why don't you get to know the people that have been here, the gang members, prostitutes, homeless, everyone! These are people too. If everyone communicated with each other and knew each other, i promise everything will get much better! Food for Thought.

  44. Fred, I have tried to get to know my Section 8 neighbors. For that, I have been handsomely rewarded with mutterings of "crazy white lady" behind my back. And your suggestion that we are not active in the community is unfair. I suspect that I am more active in the community than the majority of people who live here. In addition to my involvement in the community, I also happen to contribute to the public discourse here on this blog. We are a neighborhood of strong opinions and varying degrees of community activism. If you want hybridisation of the community, then perhaps you might create a mechanism by which the crazy white ladies can get to know the non-gang youth. Until then, I don't really see it happening organically. I'm happy to tutor, mentor, and give free music lessons.

  45. @nugatory I was not pointing a finger directly at you. I was speaking to everyone as a whole. Just how I feel.

  46. Fred: I'd like to see some of the gangs, prostitutes and homeless make an effort to get to know their neighbors and respect their neighbors too.

    They can do this by refraining from participating in criminal activity and refraining from selling drugs, selling their bodies and panhandling, engaging in public drunkenness, public urination, etc.

    They can come to community meetings too!

    Why are we who do not engage in these types of behaviors always blamed for not doing enough?

  47. @ Toto: I feel you but someone has to be a leader. Those type of people will not walk into a meeting or join a movement without being encouraged. It is an endless cycle.

  48. Fred: I would get involved if I knew how, and could do it safely. My question to you is (and is an honest question, not rhetorical), is there an appropriate way to get to know the gangs?

  49. I'm darned tired of being told all the time about how "we" don't do enough for "them".

    1) Free public education until age 18 (and in some cases older).

    If you can't parent well enough to get your kid in school and keep them in school, what can we do for you? There are programs available for you and your child. After school programs, library, sports at the park district.

    2) Public Housing subsidies. Free or low cost. And once you're in, its nearly impossible to be evicted, no matter how bad you are.

    3) LINK cards for food.

    I pay my taxes gladly for these programs to support less fortunate individuals and families. But what's wrong with asking people supported by government to take responsibilty for their family's future by not engaging in reckless behavior that endangers all of us?

    I can't be the parents of these children. The parents have to step up to the plate here and do something to help themselves first. Then I will gladly support them with my tax dollars.

  50. As long as drugs are beig sold, the gangs are not going anywhere. The best solution is for you to assemble a group of people to go outside when the weather is nice & everyone is outside, approach all of the gang members about stopping the violence. This war has been going on for 20 years and its going to take some work but i can be done

  51. Right. Sounds good in theory, but I don't plan on being caught in the crossfire.

    We're all just going to circle round the banger and what, sing kum ba yah with them?

  52. @Fred: Thanks for the helpful hints, but I noted that you don't live in Uptown anymore. I'm truly sorry that you've lost friends and family to violence, but it looks to me like you may be one of those people who has lots of thoughts about what those of us who have a real stake in this neighborhood aren't doing "right" when you've conveniently walked away yourself. What are YOU doing to tell the gangbangers to stop the violence, buddy? It's real easy to watch a ball game on TV and rant about all the mistakes the home team made while losing the's another thing entirely to put your fat behind out there and play the game YOURSELF. In other words, if you think you can do a better job, then move back here and do exactly what you think the rest of us who still live here should be doing. Lead by example. And "going out during nice weather" telling all the gang members to stop is already being done--it's called "positive loitering", except those of us who have to really work for a living and to pay taxes to keep all the CHA and Section 8 housing available for the gangs (not to mention the schools, school lunches, and LINK cards) can't be out on the street 24/7 to keep up with gangbangers.

    Toto got it right: we already pay through the noses in taxes, and many of us go beyond that by contributing scarce time and cash to help at-risk kids, and it obviously does no good. We aren't going to throw away everything WE have worked so hard for when we've bent over backwards to help and what we get in return is spat in the face. It's time to shut down the drug business of the gangs by shutting down the buildings that keep accomodating them. Look at it like the CPS "reconstituting" a failing school that can't manage to improve--shock therapy by getting rid of the whole lot and starting over again. I wouldn't feel bad at all if the Section 8 buildings got converted into actual money-making market-rate rentals...and the CHA buildings can be turned over to the City Colleges and converted into student housing.