Monday, October 31, 2011

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Upcoming Walgreens
While the upcoming Walgreens at Sheridan and Irving Park is rising from the SE corner of Sheridan and Irving Park, the apartment building on the NE corner is tumbling down, adding another demolished property to Thorek Hospital's expansion plans.
Last days of this vintage apartment building


  1. I, and many others, are STILL waiting to hear from Buena Park Neighbors on why they accepted $5,000 from Thorek and what their thoughts are on the continued destruction by Thorek of living, viable buildings..

    ..again, when Lakeshore Station was an issue, BPN was out in front and shouting and asking for support from ALL of Uptown... yet on this issue, they Board of BPN has been extremely quiet... I think they are being disingenuous and need to come clean and put out some states, i.e. Lakeshore Station, on where they are on this continued neighborhood destruction and why...

  2. I hope Thorek knocks down more of those old junk buildings.

  3. Uptown Superhero,

    Laketown Station is not even in Buena Park that was another block club working, and doing a great job to keep everyone informed. One that by the way is looking for new people to help out because in several years no one has volunteered. As I recall they are going to close up shop next month if no one steps up.

    I have nothing to do with BPN's board other than I appreciate their very hard work and I volunteer from time to time. But I am confused, what exactly do they owe you? A private hospital bought some land and is doing what they want with the land. I liked that building as well so I am not happy about it being torn down. But what could BPN do to stop the private sale of land in the city? What makes you think they had any idea what was even going to happen before you did?

    Frankly I am so sick of people who spout off about what others should be doing with their volunteering of time. If you are so concerned ask to JOIN the board and get the info you seek. Give your voice to what direction the organization goes in the future. I can't answer why they took a donation from Thorek but I can tell you it was years in the making. BPN has been trying to build a relationship with all the businesses in the community for years. But it takes a ton of time and given the board is full of people who are volunteers, it has not always been a priority. I also know my building won an award for our landscaping from BPN that was sponsored by Thorek and a few other business in the neighborhood that also donated money to the blockclub.

    "I and many other are SILL waiting for a response." Did you and all your friends write letters, go to a meetings, send an email? Or are you just sitting at home on your computer waiting for someone else to bring you the info you think is important.

    Really, do you have any idea how much work BPN does in the neighborhood? Xmas Projects, Easter Projects, concerts in the park each summer, election events and tonight's Halloween event on Kenmore. They have been organizing that one for well over a decade. You know how they do all these projects? Lots of volunteering of time from the board and neighbors and DONATIONS from people and businesses in the area.

    So please stop with the BPN was paid off to accept this evil Thorek Plan allegations. It is ridiculous. You can be mad as hell about the building being torn down. But use your anger in a more productive manor. Maybe call Thorek or walk up there and ask for a meeting with someone and share the info you find out about their plans with everyone. Why does a Block Club have to do it for you?

  4. I cannot see what the big fuss is all about. I think it is a big improvement for the area. That building torn down was nothing more then a run down, city violation filled building anyway. Walgreens will add some life to this dead corner and provide services to the residents in the area.

  5. Wiseguy,

    To be fair the building being torn down was a beautiful vintage condo building that was as far as I know never a problem. Not sure why you would think it was a "City violation filled building anyway."

    But someone bought it and made the choice to clear the land. I don't agree with that choice, but when you own the land you can clear it without any community input. That is the way it goes.

    However, if you want to build on it and need a zoning change, then you need some help from the alderman and community. That is what people who are upset should be spending their time getting info on. It's not like Thorek is clearing the land to build a park. They must have some plans to build on those lots.

  6. this 6-flat building was a run down apartment building into the 90s or early 00's ... then they rehabbed it & converted it to condos. in its current state it was not a slum or "violation filled" building. if anything, it was filled with yuppies.

    obviously thorek worked with the owners to buy them all out (6 or 8 units total from what i recall at the time it was converted).

    the building itself wasn't too significant (the original rusted tin cornice had been removed & bricked over during condo conversion).

    Honestly, the building that thorek demolished immediately south of this one (on the corner & now also parking) was a much better building for preservation than this one. both though are better than parking.

    if thorek is planning on future expansion, they should work to preserve the buildings they acquire in the interim, instead of buying up the adjacent properties & immediately demolishing them & using for a few extra parking spaces (which i've never seen a full lot there ever).

  7. Eddie hit the point that I'm not clear on- exactly WHAT they intend to build on the land.
    I don't believe Thorek plans to add more parking- besides the fact that they have an overabundance of parking, it would be unwieldy at best to have a small lot separated from the main lot by an alley.
    That leads me to assume they plan to build SOMETHING on the land. There's some potential there for a nice building to go in on the now-empty land, so fingers crossed.

  8. Im with Wiseguy. I dont see what the fuss is all about.

  9. Vegetarian, you sure seem to be up in arms for someone 'not on the TSN BOard" LOL

    And as I do live in Uptown, anything Thorek does has a DIRECT impact on my life. So don't give me this arrogant crap that it does not affect me. I think there is absoutely 100% nothing wrong with asking if there is a Quid Pro Quo when Thorek, for the first time ever, donates THOUSANDS of dollars to a neighborhood block club.. and then continues to pull down great buildings..not ones that are slums or full of violations...

    Vegetarian, why are you so afraid of some light being shed on what the TSN Board thinks of this, in detail? Did we not just get out of a situation with Shiller ... that where others in power know better than those of us that are not..

    ..and your arrogant attitude continues with your " Get Involved" I am VERY involved in Uptown, Ms. Vegetable. To the point where I absolutely guarantee I am more involved than YOU. I am on Boards, do community work and am involved heavily in Uptown charities... so yes, I have every right to ask and expect an answer... and unless you are dressing up for Halloween as a Cowboy, get off your high horse..

  10. Like Patrick, my fingers are crossed that something better goes up there. The old buildings were not slums, but they were pretty unremarkable,and the corner of Irving and Sheridan, with the Sheridan L stop right there, is ripe for some new development. The vacant gas station is now gone and being replaced by an unexciting but extremely practical Walgreen's. If something better replaces the two buildings that were torn down (and as long as it's not more subsidized housing, I'll probably be happy with it), then maybe there will be some momentum to get rid of the decrepit building housing the bank on the southwest corner of the intersection and the Sheridan Lounge.

  11. Will the Walgreens sell booze? The Walgreens on Clark & Wilson started selling beer/wine and it' brought nothing but problems.

  12. americanlt, enough already with the alcohol rants. The Sheridan-Irving liquor store is literally across the street from the new Walgreen's. Focus on the thousands of other items for sale, the improvement over an abandoned gas station, and hopefully bigger improvements to come for this intersection, and get out of 1918

  13. I already miss the gigantic billboard ad for the Holiday Cub where the Walgreens is being built— it read:


  14. Superhero,

    I guess I am a bit confused. Someone tells you they are not on the BPN board but you don’t believe them. Someone points out to you that as far as they know a Blockclub really has no league power to influence a private land sale that results in a building being torn down and you continue to believe there is some sort of conspiracy. After all that, you take my suggestions on how you can find the answers you so desperately feel you deserve and pull out your resume for all to see, but call me arrogant.

    Maybe you are more involved with the pulse of Uptown than I, maybe not. But I will say that in my professional as well as volunteer efforts I often find those that spout off about all their accomplishments and demand others find answers for them, usually have the least positive impact on the changes they hope to create.

    Not really sure how you got I am “So afraid of some light being shed on what the TSN Board thinks of this, in detail?” When I went out of my way to talk about why I think the block club, full of volunteers, does so many great things. I was even specific about what I thought they were. I don’t think the light shining on what they do is bright enough. So I am not sure what your lights are going to find other than more conspiracies but please do what you feel it right.

    You know I read on a flyer two summers ago the Cubs gave a donation to help out with the concert in the park. So now maybe you can also look into what “Quid Pro Quo” came from that. I don’t work for the Cubs either but hey don’t take my word for it.

    You win Superhero I am sure you are right! I can’t wait to hear all about what you discover in your search for truth and justice. Please don’t keep it to yourself

  15. Ms Vegetable, your passive/agressive routine probably works with many people, but not me..sorry =(

    But, thanks, I appreciate your recognition that I am right to question those the receive donations. Particularly when the donor is in the neighborhood and tearing down buildings... I would not have been able to have a good day without your blessings.. but now that I have them, it is going to be fantastic!

  16. @ U. Super Hero

    I’m curious, exactly what is it that you think the BPN will be asked to do by Thorek in exchange for $5,000? BPN is great and all, but I think you might be exaggerating their power broker status. As a disclaimer, I am not a member of the board, the association, or a vegetarian.