Friday, October 28, 2011

Positive Loitering Tonight At Two Locations

from the Uptown Chicago Commission:

"The Positive Loitering group that has met at Leland and Sheridan for the past months has moved tonight to the southeast corner of Kenmore and Lawrence.  Please stand with concerned residents at this developing neighborhood hot spot, where drug dealing and a gang presence have escalated in recent weeks.  We could really use the support of community members, as the problems at this corner are blatant and severe.  Bring a friend, bring a neighbor, but just come out! Our friends at Soggy Paws have supplied a bag of puppy treats if you would like to bring your canine companions along.

The event is being sponsored by the Uptown Chicago Commission and all are welcome to attend. As always, the watch commander and the 23rd District Commander are aware of our efforts and encourage our efforts to take back our streets for law-abiding citizens."

From Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association:

"If it's not actively raining at 7pm on Friday evening, let's give Positive Loitering at Hazel and Wilson a try, just to finish out the month of October! As I mentioned to those that came out last week, I am not able to make it this Friday night because of a previous commitment, but I hope you'll plan to head out there.

The nighttime weather deities are predicted to give us 35 degrees and the possibility of light rain early in the evening on Friday. I'm not sure what that will end up looking and feeling like, come 7pm on Friday evening. Probably chilly at Hazel and Wilson.

I spoke with the District Commander yesterday, and she specifically told me how our presence on that corner and in the area on Friday evenings 'sets a great tone' for the rest of the night, and that she feels that our efforts have a very positive effect on the area. She said, 'I don't know how much longer you're planning to be out there, but I hope you keep doing it.' Thanks, Commander Boehmer!"

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