Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

The one-day-only Agatite Street Lawn
It's a gorgeous sunny weekend, and there's so much going on:

Today you can

Tomorrow is Bears Day!  Go to Crew (4804 N Broadway) for the game and enter a drawing to win Bears tickets for the September 25th game.  You can also enjoy the great weather at the beach by watching the game on one of the many outdoor screens at The DockThe Dock just posted on Facebook that they are closed for the day due to the weather.

Enjoy the lovely weather this weekend, Uptown -- we probably won't have too many of these left.


  1. What is being done with the sod after the event? I could use 4-5 square feet of it for a patch out by my sidewalk! Email me-

  2. T.C. go to the block party, you can take some sod home with you after the event tonight.

  3. This was the first block party I attended and it was beautiful. Great music, great food, great time for the kids. Diversity? Wonderful!! CPN knows how to throw a party. My family and I will be back next year! Thankx for the good time.

  4. Thanks for coming to the CPNA Block Party! A good time was had by all, to be sure!

    A few more rolls of sod are left on the 800 block of Agatite for anyone interested in grabbing them.

    Check out Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association's page on Facebook and send us a note at to get on our email list.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the next gatherings!

  5. Was an amazing party and better than the year before. Can't wait til next year!