Friday, September 16, 2011

Hours Of Fun

In the interest of transparency, they say, the City of Chicago has put its crime incidents online in a searchable database. It goes back ten years and while it doesn't give exact addresses, you can narrow it down to a specific block.

We just browsed our block, and wow, the neighbors have been busy.  Particularly curious about the numerous "indecent exposure" incidents in the alley during January and February.  What kind of masochists are hanging out (quite literally) in our alley?!

You can view the database here.


  1. Its fun to see how arrests have changed. My block was apparently a crack den in 2004-05. Now there's just a lot of harassing phone calls.

  2. You can use the Latitude Longitude numbers at the end of the rows to find a more precise location by entering them here

  3. I find this site a pain in the A$$ to use.