Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thursday Morning Breakfast Under The Wilson El

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Early riser?  Love Mexican food, even for breakfast?

Uptown resident and TV personality Wayne Johnson is doing a live weekly segment of his NBC5 show under the Wilson el tomorrow morning at Rokitos Streetside Kitchen. "The segment will focus on a new 'Street Food Mexican Cafe' in Uptown with Rocky and some of his staff.  It will air live at 6:45AM."

Tune in early or join Wayne for a Rokito's breakfast.  (Yum.)  Thanks, Wayne, for bringing some recognition to Uptown and our newest restaurant.


  1. I had a steak burrito last night. It was actually freshly cooked meat. Not meat that was cooked in the afternoon, left to dry all afternoon, and then heated on the grill when I order. Nice and juicy. Definitely worth checking out.