Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goudy Neighborhood Nights Hits A Speed Bump (And It's A Good Thing)

Every other Thursday, it's Neighborhood Night at Goudy School. But the one this week is going to be a little different:
"After years of advocacy efforts, tenant leadership wants YOU to help celebrate a long-awaited victory! Come recognize the re-installation of our speed bump on Winona north of Argyle with games, food, decorations, and a great chance to get to know your neighbors!

6:00-8:00 pm, Thursday, 8/18/11, at Goudy Elementary on Winthrop & Winona."
 See the flyer for Neighborhood Nights here.


  1. Nice, the corridor has been especially awful lately so this is very welcome.

  2. Thanks for posting! Neighborhood Nights is a community service put on by Mercy Housing residents on Winthrop, the Uptown Neighborhood Action Council. In celebration, we'll have free food from Shan's and Ba Le and a series of foot races for the kids with our long-awaited speed bump as the finish line. Come out and join the fun!