Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vote Early, Vote Often, Help Out A Neighbor

Just a reminder that you can vote every day through August for Inspiration Corporation to win $50,000 to train workers and help them get back on their feet and gain experience and skills. 

Inspiration is currently mired in 56th place... puh-leeze!  If Uptowners can win the Curbed Cup for Best Neighborhood, and The Crust-Station Award three year running, we can surely stuff the ballot box for one of the best social services in our community.

Text "108175" to "73774" and/or click on http://www.refresheverything.com/inspirationcorporation to vote.  You can text once a day AND vote once a day.  If Inspiration Corporation isn't one of the top 10 vote getters, it won't be eligible for the prize.  We've done it for lesser causes; let's see if we can do it for this organization.


  1. I voted. It's not easy. Keep trying.

  2. Thank you guys so much for the support. We are voting up a storm, and refuse to give up. We can make the top 10!

  3. Thanks for the reminder on the texting. I didn't realize I could text vote, which is super easy!