Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Got An Opinion About Uptown? Share It

Here's a news flash: Commenters and bloggers on Uptown Update have developed a reputation for being strongly opinionated. One of the frustrations some have had in past years is that no one seemed to want to hear what we had to say.

Well, put that tired old attitude in past, Mary Lou! There are tons, a bevy, of elected officials and organizations who really want to hear what you have to say and what you want to see happen in Uptown. 

We love that you're strongly opinionated (we are, too) and we love that you use UU as a forum for those opinions.  But don't assume that posting on a blog will put your opinions into the proper ears.  If you feel very strongly that Uptown needs a particular kind of business, that there's no need for others, and you want to actually do something about it, fill out the appropriate surveys listed below and make a difference.

This is from the latest email newsletter from Business Partners:
  • The City of Chicago Department of Housing and Economic Development (HED) in partnership with Business Partners-The Chamber for Uptown request your participation in a business retention and expansion survey. Your responses will be held in strict confidence. The past several years have been challenging ones both nationally, and locally; therefore, it is important to better understand your perceptions, concerns, needs and plans for doing business in Chicago so that our efforts can more effectively support business stability and growth. Click here to take the survey.
  • The 48th Ward Consumer Survey results are meant to be used as a platform when talking with new owners, lenders, developers, and property owners about the right tenants for the community. The results will help bring and retain great businesses that are a right fit for the community. If you have not yet taken the survey, click here.
  • Take a moment to complete this short survey saying how and where you shop, and what new retail businesses you would like to see in the 46th Ward. This information will be used to recruit new businesses to the Ward and to make the best decisions regarding future development proposals. The results of the survey will be incorporated into the 46th Ward Master Plan. Click here to participate in the 46th Ward Retail Market Survey.
  • State Representative Sara Feigenholtz is conducting a business survey to both get a better feel for future legislation and issues at the state level, but also to help figure out what kinds of programs, seminars and services would be most useful for businesses in our immediate local area. Click here to participate.
  • 10th District Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer wants feedback from businesses in the district. The survey is meant to get an idea of what businesses need to thrive in the community. Also, to find the effect of local taxes on the sales and profits of the businesses. Please take the time to participate in the short survey. Click here to participate.
  • Also, Commissioner Bridget Gainer is gathering information from homeowners who are going through or who have gone through a foreclosure. Click here to participate.


  1. Wish we could take credit, but it goes to Uptown Business Partners.

  2. Uptown since the late 50s has been considered by many a very undesirable place to live due to the reputation and reality of life there..

  3. Well, aren't you just a little ray of sunshine?

    Luckily, it's the 21st century now, and we've finally got more people looking to enact positive change than we do jergoffs looking to keep things the same.

  4. loved the what does the 46th ward NOT need question.

    Cash 4 Golds, currency exchanges, places that sell King Cobra malt liquor, Subways and open air drug markets made my short list.

  5. Well Tig Cap I was not here in the 50's and much of Chicago was not such a great place to live during the 70's and the early 80's. Have you ever seen the Blues Brothers and other movies from that time in Chicago?

    There are so many people living in Uptown today who volunteer their time and energy to work with public figures to correct the long term problems that have gone ignored for decades.

    Not sure about anyone else but as someone who gives a lot of time and energy to my neighborhood, I kinda find it insulting when people feel the need to make comments like that.

  6. TigCap, thanks for your enlightening comment. (sigh & eye roll).