Wednesday, August 24, 2011

4310 N Sheridan Hit With Building Code Violations After Death

Photo from Sun-Times 8/22/2011
Anyone not see this coming?
An apartment building in the Uptown neighborhood where a 22-year-old Addison woman died while trying to climb onto the roof early Sunday has been hit with six building code violations.

The violations include "rotted rails" on the ladder Patrycja Wiszkowska used before she fell to her death.
Read more about it in the Sun-Times today.


  1. Maybe that's why my building (1256 Montrose) replaced all the back porches a few months ago.

  2. Not saying the rails didn't affect the outcome of the tragedy, but it has been well documented that she was very, very drunk.

  3. That ladder is obscene! She may have been drinking but this could have easily of been neighborhood kids too....its an unsafe condition.

    The ladder looks unsafe for workers or anybody. Very tragic indeed.

  4. The looks of that ladder in pic-now that was really taking a chance to start with--should not have been that easy to access it.

  5. Drinking and climbing ladders can be dangerous for your health. I think alot of the old wood structures have been replaced on most buildings but the city has missed a few. Owners of these buildings that know they have old and dangerous wood structures should be prosecuted and you can report them to the city buildings inspection department.

  6. Makes me thankful that we have iron rungs built into the brick building, and our roof opening goes through the roof, not up the side of the building.

    No matter how you dice it, a very tragic accident. Saddening that such a young womans life was snuffed out because of a few poor decisions (and not all of them were her decisions).