Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More About Sonic

Chicagoist spoke to Ald. Cappleman about the proposed Sonic:
Ald. James Cappleman (46th ward) spoke with Chicagoist today about the plans developing for Sonic Drive-In to move into the Uptown neighborhood within the next year. Cappleman said representatives from Sonic approached him about moving into the neighborhood and spoke with community groups yesterday. "They want to see a location and everything decided by spring of 2012," said Cappleman.
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  1. Might I also suggest the corner of Broadway and Buena (Old KFC lot). I was walking by there tonight and there is a new FOR SALE sign on the building. I am emailing said suggestion to alderman's office as well.

  2. yes i was going to second the old kfc building also. heck even if the sonic doesn't go there please put something there that is not a bank or a condo.

  3. Beautiful urban setting to suburban blight. Uptown you really know how to pick 'em.


  4. Alek, I think you've made your point of view Abundantly clear to anyone who reads this blog.

  5. I also, would love to see something done with that KFC lot! I suspect that Sonic will want to be close to Target, more foot traffic. I have no idea about lot sizes, but it seems like the KFC lot would be too small to do their "car hop". But who knows? My dream world has a brunch restaurant on that lot, but again, that is dream world...

  6. Alek don't you have anything better to do than complain about a Sonic? You have something negative to say about almost every topic on this site. When something bad happens you are quick to point out how nothing will change and when something good happens you are quick to point out any negative side effect. I am starting to feel like you would have a problem with just about anything. Are you just grumpy?

  7. I wonder about Sonic's business model of "drive-in" operating in the density of an urban setting... I think a lot consideration needs to be given to the functional layout of the lot and its street entrances in relation to nearby intersections, to prevent chaotic traffic patterns.
    That said, I very much like the idea of something with "buzz" coming to Uptown.

  8. "When something bad happens you are quick to point out how nothing will change and when something good happens you are quick to point out any negative side effect. I am starting to feel like you would have a problem with just about anything."

    My recent comments re: the Somerset proceedings, Horizon's work on the Sheridan building and Rokito's have been positive.

    Outside that, it has been more of the same old same old in Uptown (ie little to be positive about) and I'm just not crazy about the Sonic, not sure what the big deal is.

  9. at this point, i'll take a bank on that kfc lot.

  10. @ChiTownPhilly (the Random Hero!)I wish there were a "LIKE" button.....

  11. It is unfortunate Alek that you don't see the small positives going on around you in the 46th ward. I guess you are waiting for the day when every problem has dramatically changed and been solved. Since that day will never come regardless of where in the world you live, I will take the small changes and do my part to support the positive momentum. It appears from your comments you would rather have an empty lot than a Sonic. That's fine, but I doubt you will find many that agree with you. I come from the camp that anything is better than an empty lot in and around that location. More eyes on the street is a very good thing. But unlike our last alderman there will be public meetings on this development so please make sure to attend so you can voice your opinions if you really want to be taken seriously.

  12. Come on people, Alek is entitled to his opinion. Because we don't all agree, doesn't mean he should be able to state how he feels - even if often times negative.

    Do I think this is the highest and best use for this property? Not at all. Would I like a Sonic in the neighborhood? Sure.

    I'm very interested as to how Sonic and McDonald's will fare next to each other. And its a bit odd to see 2 fast food joints next to each other in an urban setting IMHO.

    I think some of us would prefer to see this section of Wilson built up with more density and retail (I know, good luck in this economy) like it was originally meant to be, but I guess we'll settle for a Sonic.

  13. @Uptown Vegetarian

    you said

    "It appears from your comments you would rather have an empty lot than a Sonic. That's fine, but I doubt you will find many that agree with you"

    I said in my very first post

    "A business where there is none is always good."

    So yeah, you are kind of wrong there. I just object to the suburban style development, not sure why everyone has there get their panties in a knot and start attacking me.

  14. I can't wait for this Sonic! And I would hope that a company with over 3,500 locations has already looked into the concerns that have been raised here (traffic congestion, safety, location, etc.) so I am confident it will do well enough to improve the area.

  15. Those of you who oppose the Sonic going in at that location need to listen to Dr Denis Leary.

    Listen and take it in.

    I don't recall ever being in a Sonic, but I'm sure once they open I'll walk over there and give them a try.

    If you oppose the Sonic because you believe it offends your urban sensibilities then don't eat there. If you oppose it because it serves meat......don't eat there.

    You have a choice. Vote with your money.

    As for density I'm all for more of it. Unfortunately, the economic reality is that for the near term we likely can't count on much new construction housing in Uptown. Unless you want to throw tens of millions of TIF dollars into the mix.

  16. Speaking of vacant spaces, i'm surprised Walgreens hasn't eyed that lot on Clark/Lawrence next to Rainbo Village for a new drive-through pharmacy store to replace the older location on Wilson.

    Of course, the increased traffic at that intersection would be a huge issue.

  17. PHew!

    This comments section was getting bogged down with stuff.....
    Thanks Irish Pirate.

  18. As much as I'd love something at the corner of Buena & Broadway, I don't think the lot is big enough for what Sonic would want to do.

    I was upset when Pollo Loco closed and a Sonic would be an excellent replacement at that corner. Big lot and the streets are wider at the intersection of Sheridan & Wilson.

  19. I always envisioned a Potbellies at the KFC location. I doubt they would need to have a lot of parking so they could use the space to build a larger building. I've seen them in smaller locations. If not that, then a corner bakery or Panera (since they're lacking outside the diversey area). Honestly, I'll take anything

  20. Sonic IS classier than BK or McDonald's, also, if I remember correctly they have breakfast all day. It would be a good addition to Uptown, not everything has to be an independently owned business, chains exist for good reason, a little familiarity goes a long way.

  21. I guess I will be in the minority here. While I do agree bringing business in is generally a good thing, I just can't get excited about another fast-food place. This is my cynicism talking:

    - Pollo Loco couldn't cut it being so close to McD's, and they at least had a different type of menu and business plan. Sonic is primarily a burger joint, no? I unfortunately do not expect it to fare any better than Crazy Chicken.

    - The one proposed location of the vacant lot at Wilson/Kenmore isn't currently a blight. It's always locked, and generally kept up well as to not look like a dump. My fear is they put a building in, the place doesn't last, and then you get a lot that looks like the dreadful Pollo Loco corner instead of the plain, but relatively clean lot there now.

    - And fast food, really? More access to cheap, unhealthy food is not what many of the residents of the neighborhood need.

    - Litter. Now there will be Sonic bags and cups to compete with the McD's flotsam that floats around the nearby streets.

    Maybe I'm too cynical, but for these reasons, I'm not doing jumping-jacks.

  22. I would love to have a Culver's at the KFC lot. I think it would be too small for Sonic, but maybe not. Sonic might just inspire some other company to set up in Uptown.

  23. Ooh, Sonic! I like their real fruit slushies, especially the strawberry slushies. Cheap, too!