Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Truman Weed Show

A reader writes in:
"Thought you'd like to see how sad Truman College's new landscaping already looks, less than a month after it was planted. Every planter in front of the main entrance is filled with weeds, some over 3 feet tall. I had high hopes for the tax-payer funded remodel of the college but if this is how it looks less than a month after completed, so help us!"


  1. people love to plant, but hate to maintain. I wondering how long it will be until all of their new sod is dead, too.

  2. I'd give it more time before you start complaining.

    It seems that the exterior work hasn't finished completely. There is a certain period where the contractor still has 'ownership' of the work. Building engineers/maintenance staff don't take over until they own it because they don't want to be responsible for damages or uncompleted work.

  3. And the saddest thing about this "improvement" is they cut down some beautiful trees in the process.

  4. Utter laziness. Really, you cant just pull some weeds and throw some water on it when needed?

    Shows a lack of pride in the school and the neighborhood.

  5. I don't know that some of those weeds are actually plants. I go to Truman twice a day five days a week and have watched everything be planted. SOme of the stuff that was planted in my opinion looks likes weeds and I haven't seen any weeds growing in newly planted areas.