Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If You Use the Weiss Parking Garage....

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... be careful.  Seems there's been a rash of vehicle break-ins.  And while the Weiss Garage is the particular venue here, the tips are good ones to follow, no matter where you park.

"Just sharing a fax scan of a document that was tucked under my windshield at Weiss Memorial Parking Garage, as discovered on my way to work this morning.  I live on Sunnyside, and I have been a monthly parker at Weiss for about three of my four years living in Uptown.

I cannot recall any incidents in the past like what is being described in the attached document, but I have been seeing A LOT of broken glass in the garage lately.

Please share this for anyone who may have missed the bulletin, or for anyone who frequents the area and utilizes the services of Weiss, or visits the neighborhood.

Looks like we need to keep our eyes peeled…"

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