Monday, June 6, 2011

Cottage Cheese, Anyone? HazMat Suit on the Side?

Okayyyyyy.  We sure don't want to be the first ones into this storefront.  At least without a clothespin on our noses.  A reader says:

"Uptown Update last featured an article on the closing of Fresh Harvest Market on March 23rd. I took this photo in passing yesterday, and you can see all the dairy products just sitting there. It's not clear if the refrigerated section is still functioning but regardless, that stuff has got to be well past its expiration date!"

We loved Fresh Harvest Market and liked the manager very much.  We don't know the reasons behind their closing and we were sad to see it happen.  It's a pity that the food, particularly the perishables, couldn't have been given to a food pantry or shelter before the doors were locked for good.


  1. word was that their lending bank locked them out. they were trying (and may still be trying?) very hard to reopen.

  2. Their dairy products were past due when open business. I was never impressed with this place. It was nice to something different in the neighborhood open, but this place never lived up to the minimum standards expected of a grocery store.