Monday, June 6, 2011

Truman Square Neighbors Meeting On Tuesday

Hey, TrumanSquares, don't feel left out because you can't vote in the Maryville meeting.  You've got your own meeting happening tomorrow night, with a board election:

"TSN General Meeting of Members
Bridgeview Bank Building (4753 N. Broadway)
1st Floor Conference Room
Tuesday, June 7th, 7pm

We are long overdue for a general meeting of our members.  Please plan to join us in the 1st Floor Conference Room of the Bridgeview Bank Building on Tuesday, June 7, beginning at 7pm.  We'd love to plan more community events, nights out, and guest speakers for our members.  Our board is currently down to two individuals and we would ideally like to have five.  Without more involvement, we cannot organize the events that our members would like to see.  So, come out and let us know your thoughts.  And if you're up to the challenge, join the board to help make things happen!"

Check out the new Truman Square Neighbors website at

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