Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cappleman & Thale To Be Honored By Dignity/Chicago Sunday

Dignity/Chicago will celebrate the thirty-ninth anniversary of its founding in 1972, and its ongoing ministry to the GLBT communities, family and friends with an anniversary Mass at 5:00pm on Sunday, May 22 at Dignity/Chicago, 3338 N. Broadway. Dignity/Chicago’s annual John Michie Award for community service will be presented to newly elected Alderman James Cappleman and his partner Richard Thale in recognition of their service in the Uptown neighborhood.

The Anniversary Mass will be followed by a reception in the church social hall. For further information, call Dignity/Chicago at 312-458-9438 or visit All are welcome to attend.  Read the entire press release at Windy City Times.


  1. What does "minister to " mean?

  2. Congrats to Richard and James.

    We got a White Sox fan in the White House, openly gay Catholics working for change, Schiller is so far gone I forgot how to spel her name, and Bin Laden is dead.

    Life may not be perfect, but sometimes the world is a better place.

    J and R have had about twenty years together. I wish them many more decades of togetherness.

    We live in an imperfect nation boys and girls, but if you look at the progress over my roughly five decades of life we are slowly reaching higher and higher platitudes of greatness. My apologies to the late first Mare Daley for appropriating his line.

  3. Stu:

  4. that's fantastic! congrats to james and richard!

  5. These two sure deserve all the awards that can be given for their devotion to the community.