Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rolling Shootout At Ashland And Leland

A reader tells us that shots were fired from cars at Ashland and Leland, which is not only the intersection of a church and an honorary designation for a police officer killed in the line of duty, but most worryingly, also a playlot full of children.

Shortly before 4pm:  "There was just a shootout between people in vehicles at the intersection of Leland and Ashland. They were sitting at a red light, northbound on Ashland. There were at least 4 shots fired. It looks like no bystanders were injured. One of the cars has reportedly been apprehended and at least one person has been taken to the hospital with at least one gunshot wound."

We believe this area is in the 19th police district. It just makes our souls weary to hear of this blatant disregard for innocent bystanders, particularly children in a playlot.

Update:  According to Commander Moy, the shooting started on the 4600 block of Ashland, as described above, and involved four Latin Kings.  The cars continued north and were pulled over in the 5700 block of Clark.  It seems the reports of shots fired/police chase all along Ashland, as reported by UU and the Edgewater Community Buzz, were all part of the same incident.  Read the A'ville Daily for more details.


  1. I drove by this, when there were tons of squad cars.
    ALSO....was driving on Broadway, north of Foster at about 3:30 or so, and there were about 7 squad cars there as well.
    I'm not sure what that was about, but it looked intense.

  2. I heard it from Wilson/Paulina. 3 sets of 3 semi-automatic shots. Sure enough the police scanner caught the party in the Lincoln navigator...

  3. heard gunshots while i was at home at ashland and berwyn. friends of mine said streets were blocked off my squad cars where ashland and clark meet by gesthemani on the border of roger's park and edgwater. now this? was this lincoln shooting up all of the dormant latin kings up and down clark or what?

  4. This is my corner. We were not home at the time but this makes me so sad and ANGRY!!! People must make a stand together and say enough is enough. The gangs must be stopped. I want to know what this city is going to do about the gang activity. It has been allowed to fester for way too long.

  5. No More Gangs! said...
    "...I want to know what this city is going to do about the gang activity..."


    Daley's answer was to reduce the number of police officers on the force, redeploy the remaining ones to the ghetto and leave the law abiding citizens to fend for themselves WITHOUT the protection of a gun that he so adamantly railed against while HE had 26 armed police officers guarding him and his family 24/7.

    Even in retirement, Daley DEMANDED and apparently has received a personal protection detail of at least FIVE armed officers/chauffeurs/man servants AND two cars to escort him around like royalty. His personal protection detail also travels with him out of town, out of state and out of the country. Nice multi-million dollar tab to dump on the backs of the taxpayers during tough economic times!

    Additionally, and NOT part of the personal protection detail, the 1st District maintains a 2-man, 2 car "detail" on Daley's home, 24/7, sitting in the front and rear in marked squads.

    To make matters worse, since Maggie Daley has had her medical problems, she cannot climb stairs and they are not even living at home but are staying at another location with elevator access. Can't say for certain, but I'd just about guarantee there is a 24/7 district "detail" on THAT location as well. Just where is it that we draw the line?

    These overpaid bureaucrats think they are entitled to live like kings! Do as I say, not as I do. Unless Rahm Emanual changes things, Ed Burke also has a personal protection detail that he's had for 40 some odd years. He is the only Chicago alderman who has police officers assigned to him as bodyguards. The City Treasurer also has a protection detail (for what?) and the City Clerk also did until Miguel del Valle refused them as unnecessary, though rumor has it the new clerk, Susannah Mendoza, may be testing the waters to have them reassigned to her. Let's see how Rahm handles all of this.

    By the way, one of the first things Daley did when he became mayor was to strip the police protection detail from former mayor Jane Byrne. Just sayin.

  6. Agree with Cone. Keeping guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens is doing wonders while you are allowed 24/7 armed protection. For a man so loved by everyone (sarcasm) what should he be afraid of? We frequent that park with our kids and it is usually packed with kids and families, also people with their pets, people exercising, playing tennis. I cant imagine how frightening that must have been. The gangs need to feel fear and anxiety like the rest of us. Instead, they appear to be running the show.

  7. These bangers don't care. The Wilson/Broadway shooter only got 2 years for firing into a crowd, and he actually hit someone! 2 years is a slap on the wrist to these guys.

  8. gang injunctions.

    Did wonders for LA in the past,
    maybe we cant have that but geez something like that?

    If you harbor a known gang member especially one that is a known gun carrier and has a violent rapsheet, then you should be booted out of the neigborhood!

    After something like this the offenders should be not allowed back in city limits.

  9. Got caught right in the middle of the chase and the aftermathh. Was going south on Ashland by Foster when a car cut me off at a high rate of speed with its back window shot out. Then a black SUV flew by with both cars weaving in and out of traffic going back and forth from the northbound to the southbound lanes. As I was following and trying to call 911, I coiuld see blue flashing lights ahead and then the black SUV turned east on Bryn Mawr and fled.Shot up car stopped by the old hospital and 2 jumped out and ran toward unmarked COD Tahoe with lights flashing that was stopped . Initially I was afraid they were about to open fire on police . 2 male blacks were screaming at police about someone being shot , and then saw 2 male hispanics in back. One was shot, one was grazed. From what I gathered at scene , the victims had been chased by the SUV (which had out of state plates ) and a red ford from by Wilson and Broadway and then fired upon on Ashland . Victims car had bullet holes in trunk and back winow ( car had suburban city sticker). Victims claimed they had no idea whot shot at them or why .Heard later that the SUV was recovered on Carmen and gun was found inside.

  10. Posted by BWGYM, "Victims claimed they had no idea who shot at them or why"

    Seriously?!? It was bad enough when these guys are shooting at each other, but if these guys are now randomly shooting at others that MAY be affiliated with a gang or look like someone in a gang...that's just bad news for a lot of the teens in the area. I really hope that's not the case.

    I frequent Chase Park and the playground normally has several kids and parents on any given day during the spring/summer months. Can only imagine what the parents and children might've felt during that moment...

    Is it just me or has police presence in the area increased over the past few weeks? Hopefully this bulls**t will end soon.

  11. If anyone happened to be around Clifton and Sunnyside shortly after the shooting, they might have seen the black Tahoe with the West Virginia plates parked around 4429 Clifton...and the red Ford parked at 4428 Clifton...and the P-Stones (who hang with Mama at her great pad on the 3rd floor of 4429) were out celebrating.

    Wouldn't be interesting to have some positive loitering events along Sunnyside between Clifton and Racine? That would be a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful new landscaping at Truman College AND get a feel for the traffic between Mama's and the "Business Center" at the SW corner of Racine and Sunnyside--which also happens to be the focus of several late-afternoon shootings lately....

    Just sayin.

  12. Admittedly, it brings me great embarrassment to say that I happened to see the chase while blowing bubbles out of the window of my second floor apartment, all while waiting on a home brew grain seep. It was very scary to watch, given that there were lots of people out on the street at the time. Glad no bystanders were taken out in the process, as the intersection at Ainslie and Ashland usually has people waiting in the middle of the road to cross the street.

  13. bear60640— if you have known specs on even suspected criminal activity, try TXT2TIP

    think that's a huge step in letting cops know where a lot of harboring of criminals goes on.

  14. In addition to Stu's information, here is a link to a 2008 UU article that includes a link to the CPD "Gang and Drug/House Information" form for citizens to fill out and help the CPD.

  15. I live on Beacon & Sunnyside. A couple of times I have seen a white male around age 50ish with whiteish hair who always wears tan work boots buying drugs. He hangs out in the mall and casually strolls down Beacon waiting to meet his dealer. I've called the cops on him a few times.

    Last time I called the cops the 911 operator didn't give a damn because I didn't see him buy drugs... this time... but I knew he was waiting for someone. A few minutes after I hung up with 911 a black Chevy Tahoe with West Virgina plates came and picked him up.

  16. Vice Lords from far uptown doing retaliation shooting this time around, according to the people in the car no shots were fired around Ashland/Leland majority of the bullets flying were around Truman

    jeffo - LA is live and well

  17. Maciej Bazydlo - are you talking about a shooting today? or the one over teh weekend?

  18. Don' t feel better that gun fight didnt occur by the park. Disturbing still. Were the guys in the Tahoe caught?

  19. the shots couldn't have just been limited to truman... i heard a series of maybe three of them from my berwyn and ashland apartment.

    creepy blog guy - that's crazy... that means that car was not impounded and the suspect wasn't caught. if the story goes as people are saying and it was a 'rolling shootout' spanning for more than a few blocks that's just bad police work. makes me wonder what i can get away with! haha

  20. @ Creepy Blog Guy thanks for the info. I also live in the area. I will keep an eye out for this guy and will make sure he and any sellers feel the pressure of being watched. I have used the tactic to move other seller and buys out of the area.

    @ bear60640 Do you happen to know who owns 4429 Clifton?

  21. @ diamenz said...
    ... that's just bad police work ...


    Maybe you should join the CPD and straighten them out with your vast knowledge of law enforcement and skills as a crime fighter? You'd be an asset to our whole community.

  22. lol - where does all of this come from? you're the one defending them... it's only logical you would be the one to badge up.