Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where Am I Located?

Where in Uptown do these pretty blue and white tiles call home?


  1. 1058 W Montrose. The CTA building there.

    Check out google maps and see the image yourself.

    Just drag the yellow stick figure to the point on the map you want to see and voila.......

  2. Dammit IP, you could have at least let some other people guess! ;) You are correct.

  3. UU,

    thppppppppppppt. While too many of our Uptown neighbors are imitating a hamster by working out in a gym, I take my life into my hands by walking and biking our crime ridden streets. Couple that with my amazing memory and you should just be happy that I normally don't answer these posts.

    I answered today though because I am annoyed. Yesterday, I stood naked on my roof awaiting the rapture. Not that I expected to ascend to heaven, but I figured after that happened no one would really notice my pasty self walking around naked yelling "The End is Nigh". I've always wanted to do that.

    Ya know, I have that on my checklist of things to do. Shiller "retired" so seeing her out of office is off the list. Bin Laden's kaput so calling in an airstrike on his terrorist ass while riding a white horse and listening to "Wild Thing" on the bagpipes is out too.

    Really, my list of things to accomplish is getting smaller every day.

    Today I correctly answered the "Where am I Located" query. Wow, self actualization is within my grasp.