Friday, April 8, 2011

Tree Planting Time!

photo via Bureau of Forestry
Did you know you can request tree plantings by calling 311 or via the 311 website? Trees are usually planted in the spring and fall so now is the time to get on this! If you are part of a block club, this is a great way to make a difference on your streets.
Next time you are out and notice any barren spots in the parkways, take note of the closest address and call it in or make the request online. Trees are usually spaced out evenly in the parkways and missing trees are normally easy to spot. Once your request is filed, the Bureau of Forestry will come out and put a green mark on the curb marking the spot in the parkway where the tree will be planted. If you see this green mark, then you know your request is being filled.
If you call in for a tree planting, add the address in the comments so we can track it together!


  1. Speaking of streetscaping- you know all the work they did last fall on Clark? They never finished any of the crosswalks. There have just been these rough cut-out indentations in the ground that were left like that since last fall. I know it's like that at Montrose, Sunnyside and Wilson. Possibly others too. Kind of annoying if you ride a bike.

  2. Not true...they finished as many as they could before winter fell upon us. Living on Clark, I know they were out there working until the very last possible minute - they actually finished the lighting and put up the holiday garland in the same week if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, blacktop and concrete don't set well in the wet, cold weather. Rest assured the crosswalks (there are some that are done - wilson and leland, for example) that aren't finished will be once spring is here actually here (not this awful weather we've had the past week or so) and they can start pouring again.