Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sign Of Spring?

Among all the vacant boat slips at Montrose Harbor, one owner is ready to get out on the lake.


  1. One of the million reasons why I love living in Uptown, being close to Montrose Harbor. Any evening or Saturday afternoon when the lake is calm and there are relatively few people around so noise is at a minimum, walking along the Bay/Harbor listening to the sailboats sway back and forth having their rigging go clankity clank gives me my moments of zen that would make Jon Stewart proud.

    I shouldn't be sharing secrets but...other blissed out thing to do at Montrose other than volleyball of course, is to be at the end of the pier around dusk listening to the fog horns on the water intake depots.

  2. By this afternoon I could see a total of 5 boats so far docked at Montrose Harbor - Spring is coming.

  3. The Dock at Montrose Beach restaurant opens at the end of this month, I believe. I won't have to go all the way down to busy North Ave. for a drink and a view of the lake, should be nice.