Saturday, April 9, 2011

Strictly Locals Is Now Artist Central Exchange

Remember Strictly Locals, the artist exchange on Clark that opened last fall?  We hadn't heard from them in a while, and then we got the disappointing news that the original owners had closed its doors.  But now a new vision is back (the new website is here):

"Artist Central Exchange, or simply Artist Central or even The ACE, continues.  At the same location as Strictly Locals [4866 N. Clark], still a growing idea and a commitment to bringing together community via an Artistically Centered approach.  John Burks continues the job of developing the concept and finding creative ways to fill and utilize the space, but now adds the responsibility of managing operations.  The functions of ACE are being expanded to include the artist partners as a more integral part of day to day operations.  In short, John is relying more on the artist members for true time commitment and labor, when and where they can provide it, and the artist members are heeding the call.  2011 will be a year where ACE will find its voice and place in the Chicago arts culture.  We hope that you will make sure to be part of what will prove to be a successful endeavor."
There are two events upcoming, including tonight: 
  • Detroit Nation - April 9thDetroit Nation, in short, is a group of Detroit (and Michigan) expats who still have an invested interest in their hometown. We're a grassroots organization dedicated to improving the flow of funds, ideas, and energy between native Detroiters now living elsewhere and our hometown. It's a way to stay engaged, meet peers also interested in the cause, and to still make a difference from afar.
  • The Prop-IGVP Event - April 15th, 16th.  The Prop event that will take place with and for the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers (IGVP). --- Objectives of event: Awareness, Resources, Network .  What: An interactive photography exhibition exploring humanity’s inherent dignity and the impact of visual media. Mediums will entail storytelling via photography & videography.  Objectives explained: Create Awareness that, as consumers of visual media, we can choose to interact with that media responsibly and in a way that reflects the better parts of humanity. Raise Resources for future projects visual peacemaking projects through donations and art sales. Build a Network around the ideas and principles surrounding IGVP and The Prop.

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