Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If Anyone Calls You To Say Cappleman's Dropped Out Of The Race....

... they're a dirty liar.  We're getting more reports of voters getting phone calls saying Cap's withdrawn from the aldermanic race and he's endorsed Molly.  Which are just lies, pure and simple.

Can you say "Election Fraud"?  This is a crime.  We're sure it's some rogue individual rather than a sanctioned act, but it's still a criminal offense.

If you get a call like this, be sure to keep the number on your Caller ID and give the Election Central a call to report it.  We're sure they'd be extremely interested in what's going on.

That number again:  312-269-7870.

-- Polling Places
-- Legal Assistance
-- Investigators
-- Accessibility
-- Judges of Election
-- Equipment Issues
-- Language Assistance"


  1. You could also hit the memo button on your answering machine during the conversation.....if answering machines and land lines still exist for most of you.

  2. I just voted at the senior building at 4645 N. Sheridan. There was a gentleman sitting beside the judges who claimed to be a "poll-watcher," who requested my ID. I stated that an ID isn't required to vote, but the judge insisted I show mine. The poll-watcher dredged up an address of mine from 10 years ago that was outside the 46th Ward. I'm not really sure what this was all about, but make sure to bring your IDs with you today.

  3. Just voted at Ruth Sherman house, everyone was well behaved, inside and out. Nothing going on inside the blue cones. Two people handing out papers on the sidewalk, walked right past them and they weren't pushy. Everyone working the polls was very cheery @ 7am. Two poll watchers inside. One writing and checking things on a clipboard, the other reading a book.
    Saw a few Cappleman signs near the Sheridan stop and north of Irving Park and no activity from Molly.

    Happy voting day!

  4. Its morning again in Uptown :)

  5. I bet the media would be interested in that information too

  6. Everyone at Ruth Shirman house was well behaved this morning. There were a couple people outside handing out J.Cap. fliers. Like Steve, I didn't see much Molly madness. Actually, there hasn't been much Molly anything for the past week or so in that area. There was a steady stream of people coming in to vote around 7 am this morning.

  7. I guess someone in Molly's camp did not get the phone call about "The Golden Rule" her mother always focused on.

    Or maybe Helen did not have anything else to do this morning than to lie just one more time to the residents of the 46th ward.

  8. Regarding IDs, I believe current state law DOES NOT require that your physical ID reflect your current address. You do need to update your information within a certain number of days with the State (which you can do online) but you are not required to get a new card.

    These tactics show the desparation of a group of people who clearly feel threatened by James. Why? And why is there not a similar group that feels threatened by Molly?

    I cannot say that I believe EITHER candidate endorses the tactics discussed in this posting. God I hope not.

  9. "Regarding IDs, I believe current state law DOES NOT require that your physical ID reflect your current address."

    Hum. That is actually true. Interesting. I have always gotten a new ID with current address whenever I have moved.

  10. Look on the bright side, deceptive a-holes are generally surrounded by other deceptive a-holes. Their lives are a mixture of paranoia, fake smiles, and general discontent.

    There is no special place in hell for them, because there is a tiny bit of hell present in every minute of their waking lives.

  11. I no longer live in the ward, but I hope the winner is aggressive in cleaning up Uptown for all our sakes, the troublemakers spill over into Edgewater and Rogers Park. I know the Jewel on Berwyn/Broadway is just rife with bums anymore

  12. I really hope this didn't affect anyone's vote. These kinds of people really irk me.

  13. @C.P.: Depends on the time of day, but yes you are correct. I'm not sure where they come from, but they loiter in and around the Jewel.