Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Election Coverage (P.S. VOTE!)

There's lots of election coverage for you to choose from today, including:
Many of the news outlets are reporting low voter turnout. We certainly hope that's not the case for the 46th Ward!

Feel free to post any additional news sources in the comments, in case we missed your favorite.


  1. Well in about 3 hours this will be all over except for the counting, the joy and the disappointment.

    Now it's no secret that I support Cappleman, but I hope whoever wins the race wins by a substantial number of votes.

    Say at least 500 or so.

    We don't need any recounts or lawsuits.

    This election has been silly enough already.

  2. Anyone have the web URL to the Chic Board of Election's election results. I forgot to bookmark it last month and can't find it now. Thanks!

  3. chicagoelections.com

    In February they were posting results by 7:30.

    Unless it's close we should know by 8PM who are next aldercritter is.

  4. Well, at least neither one of our candidates were arrested today!


  5. We still have time.

    Come on James or Molly....please get arrested!