Tuesday, April 5, 2011


As we watch the countdown clock hit zero (again), it means that it's time, people! Get out and vote!

Don't think that your vote matters? Just remember that in February's election, there was a 5 vote difference between James Cappleman and Molly Phelan.

Click here if you are unsure of your polling place. Some locations have recently changed, so you may want to double check.


  1. What's the rule on pollsters? There was a surly one, giving the election judges at Stockton a mess of attitude this morning. Was offended that he had to get out of my way so I could vote. I'm surprised they are allowed right up at the tables.

  2. In early exit polling conducted by the RFU(Radio Free Uptown)network it's a tie between Molly and James.

    6 votes to 6 votes.

    Your vote counts. So get out there!

    That's it for me for awhile. I'm out to walk around, observe and record if necessary.

  3. I hear Stockton was crowded...
    4848 N. Winthrop was a trickle...as of 7:30

  4. Poll watchers are only OBSERVERS. In fact there is a set amount of feet they are to stand from the judges table (a certain distance). They are to interact respectfully with the judges but they cannot yell or disrupt the scene. Poll watchers are partisan agents and the state gives them no power over the proceedings on election day.