Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Some links to peruse:
  • Greg Hinz's blog at Crains
    Meanwhile, up in the 46th Ward, Ms. Shiller moderated a debate the other night between the two runoff candidate vying to succeed her: James Cappleman and Molly Phelan. The winner: Helen Shiller. The incumbent — who has endorsed no one — cajoled, corrected and even reprimanded the candidates on a variety of issues, such as when they tried to suggest they really didn't oppose her prized Wilson Yards Target redevelopment, at least on a personal level. Read more...
  • Windy City Times: Organizations endorsing James Cappleman for 46th Ward Alderman (From a News Release).
    CHICAGO — Reform Alderman Scott Waguespack became the latest in a series of progressive leaders and organizations to back James Cappleman's campaign for 46th Ward Alderman. Cappleman, a social worker, former teacher and community advocate, is in the April 5th run-off election to replace retiring Alderman Helen Shiller. Waguespack is known as one the leading reformers on the Chicago City Council, respected for his strong stance against the City's controversial parking meter lease deal.
  • Windy City Times: 46th Ward Foes Debate
    Crime prevention, neighborhood beautification and business development were all hot-button topics tackled by 46th Ward aldermanic candidates Molly Phelan and James Cappleman March 24.  The historic Preston Bradley Center hosted the 90-minute debate, where residents and candidate supporters all gathered for an inside look of each candidate's platform. Safety and crime have been major concerns of the community. In particular, recent news headlines of shootings and gang-related crimes have put Uptown on the spotlight. Both candidates addressed the topic with a crime-prevention method that targets youth after school.  Read more...

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  1. Trash Update etc. 3/30/11

    Made three trips to corner trash bin at winthrop and lawrence, not too bad this week. Some crime scene tape was there, I had read or heard about something had happened in the past week.

    The chase parking sign is free of graffiti and the 4752 n winthrop side is also free of graffiti.
    Is the job done? No. Its never ending. But is it an arduous chore? Nope. Its just taking care of your neigborhood. Maintenance.

    Drove home and decided what the heck lets see how things are on kenmore. Surprise surprise about 6 bangers at kenmore and argyle north east corner. Called it in.

    Do you guys ever run patrol? To make sure the coast is clear before you go home? If you dont, you should. I still do in RP.
    Ofcourse we dont have to go overboard, but you know just to make sure some bangers arent hanging in any area that you care about, like within a few blocks of you. Bullet range. You could drive, walk or bike, and when you see loitering call it in.

    Kenmore and Argyle. Hotspot for sure. Saw a bummy looking guy picking up trash south of argyle along kenmore. Good.