Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh, Mr. Postman!

There's been a lot of talk in UU's comments about three mailings that the Phelan campaign has sent out in the last few days, and requests for us to post them, since they apparently only went out to certain voters.  Here they are, with no judgment or commentary.  They speak for themselves:

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  1. Can somebody please post the Cappleman ads as well? thanks!

  2. Disgusting.

    Not quite as bad as Shiller's "James is in the KKK" campaign, but hardly moving in the right direction.

  3. Molly is anti-gay in my opinion. Plain and Simple...With John Trott/Jesus People USA constantly posting on her website and all of these innuendo's, calling my lifestyle a "preference" and now this... I hope to God, literally, the GLBT residents of this ward get the message...that she is NO friend of anyone but her cronies... SHAME ON YOU MOLLY PHELAN

  4. Yikes. UU - you may want to post Cappleman's mailers as well to avoid the feedback.

  5. @CTA, is there a specific ad to which you are referring? The ones I've gotten from him have been tame in comparison

  6. There were several of these posted in my Condo lobby and I swiftly threw them away. I consider it litter and wish she would not allow her crew to deface my building.

  7. LOL! I am sorry but that first one with the homeless woman and the child made me laugh out loud.

    I have not gotten anything from Cappleman in awhile. Can you post them?

    I think I am laughing because I know both candidates.

    This is how the game is played my friends!

  8. These are getting ridiculous, every day I come home to multiple full page postcards in my mailbox! I'm going to vote for whoever annoys me less.

  9. @Fear and Loathing - That was my point :-)

  10. Molly, you're a lawyer, your citations on the first mailer posted here are pitiful. How can you CITE James's website for something that can barely be called a paraphrase?


  11. Shiller lite(Phelan) is desperate to win and if she does this is the type of divisive alderman she will be.

  12. Funny thing is, this pushes me more towards Cappleman. I dont care how we get more $400,000 condos in the area. I just want them. I also would dispute that they will somehow lower our property value

  13. @CTA....oops. In that case, good point :)

  14. First of all...gross!

    Second of all, I agree James' fliers should also be posted.

    I certainly believe Molly is simply the "machine" candidate running an obnoxious campaign, but, that is just my opinion. Let's see the mailer's side-by-side.

  15. Molly,

    You are the embodiment of everything that is wrong with Chicago politics. This is why people from around the country think this city is a joke when it comes to ethics. And sorry to say, but they are right.

  16. Can I try to answer Molly? Can I? Can I?...

    Top flyer: For the same reasons the state closed Sommerset and is now going after ensure they meet some standards.
    Middle flyer: What plans did he attack? Most of her plan mimmicks what James has promoted since before the last election.
    Last flyer: Because that's one thing TIFs should be doing, improving blighted neighborhoods.

  17. For those interested if you're in the area, I've seen James' mailers posted on the door of his campaign office.

    The Biden quote at the bottom of one of her flyers reminds me of this,18444/

    If James actually wanted to take the same route as her (which I'm partially glad he's not), he could easily include her quotes about using menu money for hiring police (even though that is not a legal use of the funds)

  18. I had to take a walk before commenting here to clear my mind.

    This is some vile stuff.

    Even worse as I walked around I found the neighborhood had been blanketed in Phelan signs seemingly overnight.

    I think I'll snag one from public property and find a porta potty. Then I'll tape it to the porta potty and take a photo.

    Seriously, folks you need to get off your butts and work to get Cappleman elected. I expect this weekend and Tuesday in particular to be nasty.

    Now perhaps Molly and her campaign staff don't know the concept of shame. She should being raised Irish Catholic and all.

    I've done a few things in my life which I'm ashamed of. I've done a whole lot of things I'm embarrassed about. If I had done this I would be ashamed, but I guess if your shameless that can't be taken into account.

    The only thing good about this is the stuff came out early enough for a backlash to form.

    Work folks. Work.

  19. Molly, thought you had more class than this. And before anyone says "that's just politics." DON'T. Candidates need to tell us what they've done, not what others aren't doing."

    This DM piece is just another example of why this country is f'd up. Same ol shit, just a different level of government.

  20. Good job, Molly. You have my vote.

  21. Uptowndude,

    from your earlier comments Phelan has your vote anyway. I'm amused though that earlier you condemned divisive campaigns.

    Really, no need to reply.

    As UU said these flyers speak for themselves.

  22. @Rob. This is the second time you have stated that Molly is anti-gay. While I don't know that we'll ever get some people past their flat-earth opinions, what else besides her use of the term "preference" alarms you? I read all the stuff in the campaign lit posted today, I’ve been to a “forum,” I read UU along with the other blogs, and I didn’t see anything obvious. No pejorative mention of James' orientation or relationship status. I'm not letting Molly off the hook, but before I break out the torches and pitchforks, I want to make sure I'm storming the right castle

    And let's keep in mind that just being gay doesn’t make you a better alderman. Tom Tunney, the Mayor's gay lap dog hasn't exactly stormed the gates of city hall with innovation or vision. He knows that he serves at the grace of the mayor and looks to me like the gay version of any other machine doormat

    I'm gay & out, my partner and I own a home in Uptown (and not a lakefront high-rise or Pleasantville/Buena Park) and I’ve lived in Uptown for 8 years and in Lakeview since 1995. We have kids, we're both professionals and both of us have serious doubts about the qualifications of either one of these two.

    Helen cursed us with the gangs and drugs masked as "diversity." We have the greatest concentration of social service agencies in the city. Our merchants are struggling, Wilson Yards is a joke (don’t we already have enough nail salons, Subways and low end phone stores?) and Lakeview Station is an obscenity waiting to happen.

    I'm afraid to walk the dog after dark, and we don't dare let our daughter walk to the bus alone. We have way too many shelters and clinics, masquerading "affordable housing" and "social services" agencies, which combined with places like Lawrence House (firetrap) have turned Uptown into a toxic brew.

    Molly one-note comes across as yet another machine tool and James comes across as a, sorry to say, wimp. It’s like someone put the 1988 Bush Dukakis race in a hot dryer and shrunk it down to ward politics.

    The words I have been waiting to hear have been not been said: "share" the "good works" of our agencies by “distributing” them to other wards, kick the gangs out of public housing, extort the CTA into cleaning up the Wilson stop, tie the Wilson Men's Club up in enough nuisance litigation to force them out, kick the drunks and homeless out of the park, along with the pay parking, and while I don’t think we need "incentives" to attract businesses to Uptown, we do need to make it much easier for professionals an merchants to "say yes to Uptown" when making a decision about where to locate.

    Molly’s “entertainment district” is a farce, just as James’ planters & sidewalks is a band-aid on a chest wound. I don’t have a problem with development, nor do I have any issues with a development advisory council, either one of them beats Helen’s knee-jerk no answer to anyone with a college degree and a brain.

    I see this election as a choice between the lesser of two evils. Unlike Mae West, I don’t have the luxury of picking the one I haven't tried yet, since neither one of them has demonstrated any real critical decision making skills.

    So I'm not going to vote “against" Molly because of some sort of perceived bias, nor am I going to vote “for” James just because he's gay. At this point, my decision could be made solely on the basis of which campaign worker pisses me off less when I walk to the poll.

  23. I would be thrilled if UU posted Cappleman's campaign mailers. They have been models of projecting his positive accomplishments and constructive plans for our Ward's future.

    I can't recall any that even directly mentioned Phelan. None of the Cappleman literature that our home has received have shown her photo - blurred and photo-shopped or otherwise. None have included dishonest statements, as Phelan's have, that her campaign bosses have made up for her to say.

    Phelan is losing this election all on her own with her descent into the mud, as Cappleman continues to take the high road - I have often thought Cappleman should have respond to Phelan's allegations more bluntly - but I said the same thing about Obama and I may have been proven wrong about the effectiveness of this in persuading "undecided" voters (if any are left).

  24. Brian:

    I appreciate your comments. I never "vote gay". That i why I started out strongly supporting Molly Phelan - I thought that I knew her better from working with her on Wilson Yards efforts.

    However, she lost my vote all on her own with her descent into tactics and dishonest statements that I find offensive and a discredit to someone who wants to be a North Side 46th Ward Alderman.

    As to homophobia by Molly and her campaign, I only can speak to the explicit homophobic statements about Cappleman - which I and others complained to Phelan's office about immediately - that her paid FOP supporters have used, in twisted pretzel logic, about Cappleman in their phone calls to support Molly - calls Molly's campaign admitted to those who complained that her campaign was behind.

    Those calls are how she lost my vote. These latest attack mailers are causing her to lose many more votes - particularly seniors - in my neighborhood.

  25. I don't perceive Campaign Phelan as being anti gay. Anti truth, yes. Pro distortion, yes. Anti mom and apple pie, certainly. Now Campaign Phelan has done some stupid stuff, but purposefully running an anti gay campaign ain't one of em'.

    I'm picturing Molly, Dave Clarkin, Ed Burke, and Terry O'Brien standing around a cauldron chanting:

    "Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble", while tossing Cappleman signs into the pot along with various voodoo dolls and such.

    I owe an apology to the ghost of Bill Shakespeare for that one.

    Cappleman founded an homeless shelter and she hits him with these lies and distortions?

    What's she done? Oh I know her dad was a prosecutor and her mom was a social worker. Outside that her resume is jumping from one career to another and now trying to replace it with yet another one.

    Work folks, work.

  26. In fairness, UU should post James' flyers too.

    Holy Shit, Molly! This is shameful.

    I see no reason why you needed to resort to this. I have hardly heard you speak about your good qualities such as your pluck and your willingness to stand up and work hard. Or, how much you have learned about government and TIF law from the things you were involved in over the past couple of years. Of course, highlighting those activities is a double-edged sword in a 46th ward race.

    This is bollocks. You had it in you to win on your merits and you blew it. And the fact that our most leftist factions of the community might be furthering your candidacy along at the grassroots just really blows my mind.

    Unbelievable. Oh, and the the Dorthea Lange style image was an "interesting" choice...

  27. Wow. It's official, someone has lost their soul to politics. And I'm NOT speaking about James.

    Dear Molly,

    Why do want this SOOOOOO BAD? What BEYOND the 46th ward are you looking? It's seems suspicious. Are you looking to climb the political ladder and use the 46th ward as your 1st stepping stone? Because it seems these are the exact shenanigans I've seen in the past with SHADEY politicians. Congrats.

    James is looking to be alderman of the 46th ward I'm sure for as long as the good people will have him.

    YES, UU please post the Cappleman flyers!!

  28. Wow, Molly not only are you not getting my vote, you have lost my respect!

  29. Wow, these are pretty crude. Has Cappleman sent out anything similar in the mail?

    I watched the Carol Marin interview last week and thought both were kinda lame. But Cappleman- by not being a doofus with the mail- is looking good next to her.

    Does negative advertising really work on anybody with a brain? Doesn't it just make you hate the person who sent it?

  30. Studies have shown that negative campaign ads can be very effective.

    I don't know if Molly is going to win, but these negative ads will be one of the reasons why if she does.

  31. Brian, thank you for your long-winded and condescending diatribe. I do take GREAT offense to Molly and what I perceive as her anti-gay attitude. As you have a history of being on here and saying you are pro-Molly, I am not surprised she is trying the Trojan Horse strategy and sending out her 'gay friend' to support her.

    No where have I ever stated that Cappleman would be a better Alderman because he is gay. That is a false arguement. What I do want is someone who has a history of being involved in the community, being involved in anti-crime matter and is not using pejoratives against my way of life.

    In my opinion, I find Molly's message to be anti-gay. Period. You dont.... welcome to America... I gave Molly money for the Wilson Yard TIF, so I HAD a positive image of her.. thus, I came into this race truly and honestly open minded.. but I find it disconcerting her money is all from out of the ward, that her allies in this ward are anti-gay, and that she then stoops to these mailers... and only to certain people in the ward... if you are proud of what you have to say, you should be brave enough to say it to everyone, not just a few in order to divide the community further..

    So, there you. I stand by my feelings... and oh yea, I first moved to Uptown in 1986 so I am no Southside newcomer either... enjoy your night..

  32. Somebody with a scanner please post today's Cappleman mailing.

  33. If anyone can justify behavior such as Mol's, there is seriously something wrong with you. She is just what I always thought she was. She doesn't have any class and exudes poison. To call James a wimp is just what I would expect from a supporter of Molly. These ads are what was expected by Helen and clearly the writing is on the wall. It is a fear technique being imposed upon the most in need in our community. That Is shameful Shit! Scare people into voting for you not by earning respect. I will look for an opportunity to confront Molly.

  34. Will post the three latest Cappleman flyers soon -- you guys didn't ask for them! -- just got home from work. This is a volunteer gig, we have to pay the rent first!

  35. It was refreshing to see an ad from the Cappleman campaign in the mail this evening that gave an example of how he's actually helped to create jobs in this ward.

    Unfortunately I've yet to see something from the Phelan campaign promoting her *results* in the ward that helped to create jobs.

    Instead I saw misleading attack ads.

    Stay classy, Phelan Campaign!

  36. I find two things interesting.

    1. Mols raised money for James in 2007.
    2. James in no way was involved with FWY


  37. These are pretty run-of-the-mill political posters for campaigns across the country. They still make me wince. That being said, I'm not sure you can live in Uptown and be anti-gay. You can just want the job bad enough to say all things to all people and hope it all puts you over the top. I'm glad I voted yesterday and hope he wins.

  38. Phelan has lost my vote with this crapslinging campaign. She had my vote for the general election but has since lost it with this garbage.

    "Cappleman's pushing for a crackdown on homeless shelters which opponents say "would essentially force some to shut down."" In my opinion this is the first step in healing this neighborhood.

    "James Cappleman wants to spend his office's annual budget of $1.3 million on neighborhood beautification projects like planters, public art, decorative pedestrian lightposts and streetscaping." Sounds like a good way to bring new business to the ward.

    "Democrat Molly Phelan wants to spend her $1.3 million on cameras and security lighting" Those things don't do shit. First of all gangbangers obviously don't give two shits where a brawl, drive by or drug deal takes place. And if they did, they can't make enough cameras to keep them from going out of site to do this crap. And she thinks that somehow she can use that money to get more cops on the street. Right, like you can just purchase extra cops.

    You have to ask yourself who is buying the drugs in this neighborhood that make gang members want to kill each other for the right to sell here. Get rid of that element and the crime rate will go down very quickly.

  39. The anti-Cappleman ads put me off of even reading more about Phelan.

    Around Wilson/Sheridan, Phelan signs on public property (alleyways, by the hospital, street corners) have been popping up almost daily.

    That also annoys me.

  40. Dear Molly:
    There are cameras all over Uptown. Hasn't done much to alleviate the rash of shootings and crime so far. How will more cameras make us safer?

    Did you get VP Biden’s permission to use his quote? Has he endorsed you? Seems like a shady rip-off to me.

    You state you will work to roll back the salaries of elected officials. Hmmm, sounds like a nice pitch, but in reality we know that’ll never happen. Are you planning to lower your salary as an example to your fellow officials if you’re elected? If so, why didn’t you mention this during the many debates?

    Using an obviously posed fear laden image of a homeless woman and her children, is rather shallow. Kind of like a page from past Shiller election playbooks. What are your plans, if elected, to ensure other wards have fair representation in terms of shelters and social services rather than using Uptown for a dumping ground?

    In these two flyers I see nothing that tells me what you will do to improve Uptown. Is it because your intention is to use this as a stepping stone to a larger political career?

    I expected more from Molly than this.

  41. I guess it's easier to take up space bashing someone else's accomplishments than pointing out that you have none of your own.

    Used to like you, Molly. As others have said, you had my respect and you've lost it. Along with your pride.

  42. @Rob Does that chip on your shoulder make it hard to find suits that fit?

    As for my ” long-winded and condescending diatribe” I thought I was pretty clear in my wording. Since we have not gotten any of the "calls" and since we're commenting about the lit posted TODAY, and you posted TODAY that you think Molly is some kind of hater, then I was under the impression that you saw something in the flyers that made her seem ant-gay. Unless they are printed in Braille, I didn’t see anything anti-gay.

    Then you stepped in it with “As you have a history of being on here and saying you are pro-Molly”

    1) This is the first time I have ever posted jack on here, so back off.

    2) I am not pro-anyone. You seem to forget that 60% of the voters in the primary thought that neither one of them was qualified to be alderman. My preferred candidate was Michael Carroll, one of the few people I felt walked the walk on gangs, guns and crime.

    As for “I am not surprised she is trying the Trojan Horse strategy and sending out her 'gay friend' to support her.” (please don’t delete me for this) but the only Trojans in my house live in the nightstand. Big ones.

    Just being “involved” in the community isn’t enough for me. That’s the policy-parsley next to my issue burger. Standing around in the dark on street corners clearly hasn’t been effective, considering the murder rate has gone UP in spite of James’ history of “involvement” in the ward, has it?

    The real issues just aren’t being addressed. I’m sick and tired of the crap. I will support the same number of homeless shelters, methadone clinics, drunks, hookers, vandalism, and SROs in the 46th as there are in the 44, 47, 43, 42 or 47th wards. I will personally bring the boxes and packing tape to move Lawrence house or the methadone clinic to Tom Tunney’s ward any day of the week. I will gladly swap Uplift School for Nettelhorst.

    TIF, smif, that system is broken and neither one of them sound like they are ready to take a hatchet to it. The fact that you “gave Molly money for the Wilson Yard TIF” says it all.

    Finally, we are simply NOT going to attract any business that I want to spend money in when they are book-ended by clinics, boarded up buildings, nail salons, wig shops, or beeper stores, stepping over drunks and homeless people pissing on the sidewalk or screaming for Jesus to get there. Planters? Curb-cuts? Really, that’s your solution? Of course at least James had an idea, unlike Molly who is just faking it at this point. How about you go all Jane Byrn and move your white bread ass to Wilson and Magnolia and see how well the blue light specials work for you Molly?

    Yes, clearly Molly is an old school machine carpet bagger. I’m absolutely sure she was recruited by Ed Burke or any number of slum-lords, developers or “donors” looking out for their own interests. These mooks are going to pull any dirty trick in the book to get her into office, up to and including nasty whispering campaigns, bussing homeless people to the polls and Thunderbird in a bag. And Rob, I have some bad news about Santa too.

    So, in the end, I’m one of that 60%. I’ve put up with 15 years of “hell”en and I hoped for something better. Truthfully, at this point, gay-baiting is the least of our worries.

  43. Molly what would you do for a Klondike Bar?

  44. Brian - After sitting next to Michael Carroll at one of the recent debates, I found it pretty easy to see who he is supporting. His constant head shaking at Molly's ideas about fighting crime made me realize he and I are voting for the same candidate. (Disclosure - this is my own personal observation and Michael did not outright say who he was voting for).

    Why isn't he public about who he is supporting? The two public employees in this election (Michael and Don) have been noticeably quiet regarding endorsements. I wouldn't be surprised if they were concerned about their careers if the "other" candidate one. Especially one who has close ties to the Chicago Machine that could help to "reassign" a non-supporter.

  45. Hi- I'm a different Brian than the one who was posting on here earlier.

    I want to know why I don't get any Molly campaign literature or calls to my house from her team? I've never ever openly voiced who I'm supporting, and if I had, it has been in ways that can't really be traced to me, in my opinion. How does she know not to waste time sending me her crap??? I don't trust Molly one bit. How can she know not to waste time sending me her stuff, calling my house, or even ever knocking on my doors (since she's knocked on over 6000 doors in uptown, yea right). I have seen a couple of my neighbors get mail from her. Ironically, all screwed up addressing, where she puts one husband with a different wife in the building. So why have I been excluded? How does she know I think she is a lying cheat? Until this post, which I think I'm untraceable, I have never made any comments either way. Never once did I get a call, visit, or piece of campaign literature from Molly. Which is too bad, as I'm running low on toilet paper.

  46. Hopefully the demographic this is targeting is not na├»ve enough to believe this. That or they probably won’t be voting in the first place let alone know there was a runoff.

  47. Perhaps just Mol roaming around the neighborhood all day, everyday is a plan to reduce crime. She certainly is a bully and her tactics remind me of privileged high school girls. I looked at all the fliers and the same picture of Mol is in everyone. Must be the only photo where they could capture a smile. (even same on facebook page) I believe all this garbage has managed to pit neighbors against neighbors and may not be the start of a new Uptown we all hoped for. Sad for us. We wanted things to be different and looked forward to a new day. I wish we could have had a campaign where the bar was set high and candidates could have treated each other in a civicl manner with the greater good of Uptown at the forefront. Guess not.

  48. Agree with the majority of comments here. I was on the fence, and Molly has just lost my vote. This negativity is uncalled for and really out of line for an aldermanic election. We're all neighbors here, Molly! James -- and we -- all just want to make the 46th a beter place to live, visit and do business. Enough with the negative, nasty mudslinging. Dislike.

    James, you have my vote. Thank you for always taking the high road.

  49. All I have to say is that when Molly starts calling movers on Wednesday April 6 to get her rental apartment cleaned out, she had better be budgeting her out-of-ward campaign contributions that she hasn't spent on trash flyers and push take down, pick up, and recycle EVERY ONE of her campaign pollution posters. If she doesn't get that accomplished, then I hope the City bills her and fines her as much as possible. She probably won't lift a finger to do that, though...she really doesn't care about this neighborhood and ward, she just thought she could manipulate her way into becoming alderman here.

  50. Sadly the real negative stuff seams to have come out after some of the more rational persons in the ward (who would be bothered by such negativity) have probably already cast their ballot early. No taking those back.

  51. I find it strange that my husband and I have full-time professional jobs and a daughter and we rent here in Uptown because we can't afford a condo/home/hovel here. We can't even afford a $300,000 place (but we sure as hell make too much to live in WY). So I for one, would be all for home costs coming back down to reality.

    So yeah, Molly, I appreciate you clarifying yet another reason I should vote for James.

    BTW, are your campaign posters ALLOWED to be on the CTA bus stops? Carroll *paid* for an ad on the 'L' but I'm pretty sure your slapped up with scotch tape posters over paid for CTA bus shelter ads is illegal.

  52. I love how Molly said she didn't support Cappleman's 2007 campaign because it was too divisive and then she distributes this kinda crap...

  53. I'm a little tired of Phelan signs popping up in illegal places--rights of way, city property, etc.--AND seeing all the Cappleman signs in my neighborhood taken down. I'm disgusted by her attack ads--it's ridiculous for her to position them as "Wah, James is attacking me," when he hasn't said any of those things she's accusing him of. I should dial back and say I don't think it's HER--she's being handled by people managing her campaign. I've met her and she's nothing but nice. Having said THAT, though, she's a grown-up and more than capable of standing up and saying, "I want to run this campaign fair and square," which she hasn't. On that basis alone, even if Cappleman wasn't insanely more qualified than her, I'd vote for him--her willingness to let people lie and mudsling on her behalf scares me.

  54. Oh Captain recent comments?

  55. If they did this the last few days what are the next five days gonna be like?

    In the past various ethically challenged campaigns have been alleged to toss bricks through there own campaign windows to garner publicity.

    They've been known to fabricate threats of violence. Hell, former Congressman Mel "I like teenage girls" Reynolds was alleged to have fabricated a "shooting" where he was supposedly grazed.

    The next few days should prove even more disturbing. Campaign Phelan has doubled down on nastiness and it ain't likely gonna be purdy.

    Take whatever nastiness may come out of Campaign Phelan in the next few days with a big grain of salt and a pint of Guinness.

    Stay peaceful and WORK for the better candidate.

    Molly Phelan has shown herself to be completely devoid of any sense of fair play. Her obvious and overwhelming sense of entitlement has overrun whatever moral sense she MAY have had.

    Stay peaceful folks, work hard and hopefully on Tuesday Cappleman will be elected because Molly Phelan isn't anything, but an Irish hack masquerading as a reformer.

    Ask Ed Burke or Terry O'Brien about how much of a reformer they thinks she is.

  56. I cant wait to see what crap Molly and her team hand out when walking to the polls on Tuesday.... like the fake "endorsed" cards they had on the initial election... If Molly does somehow get elected, I can't wait for her promised Monthly meetings with her

  57. Really, Molly? James, the actual social worker (not child of) is going to shut down homeless shelters? As opposed to you, the lawyer receiving big bucks from real estate interests? Hmm...

    Folks can take what I say with a grain of salt if they wish. I've pretty clearly been a Cappleman fan since the beginning of this race based on my own personal experiences (working together on the block club, positive loitering events and CAPS meetings for several years), but I always respected Molly as a candidate. These dirty tactics have made me lose the respect I had for her in this race.

    I hope to see you at Saturday's rally, IP. You're right, it's time to get out there and work.

  58. This is one reason I dont vote early. I WAS still undecided. Not anymore, score one more for James. This is insulting to everyones intellignece. One major problem I have with this crap (other than the typo on the first one) is Molly's logic that building condos that sell from $300-$400K will LOWER property values. It seems to me, if there are units SELLING (Keyword... SELLING. I like to say it like i'm Charlie Sheen) for that price most of us will see an increase in our property values. If I could sell my unit for that, I would be really happy! Not to mention the new units would provide a nice property tax base. I am not saying I am for or against it, just that I believe her logic is wrong.

  59. If I get one more sign put in front of my apartment I am collecting every Phelan sign I can find and dropping them off to her at the campaign office with a big sign of my own that says No Thanks, love Uptown.

  60. Rally?

    Cue internet timelag......check Cappleman's website.

    Voila! Actually the rally should be held outside of Phelan's office, but pitchforks might not be appreciated.

    Rally With Jan For James!!

    When: Saturday April 2

    Where: James Cappleman HQ, 4133 N Broadway

    Time: 10am

    Come hear from Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and other elected officials on why they are throwing their support behind James. Afterwards, stick around to help knock on doors and call voters about the April 5th election

  61. Just saying, if whoever wins on Tuesday doesn't cut the mustard, I'm voting for Brian in the next election!

    Cub, did it ever occur to you that Michael and Don have been mum about their endorsements because no one has asked them? Or that it's because that's their choice and right to not endorse another candidate?

    If you sat next to Michael at a debate and this is something that you feel is important (as it clearly is since you wrote a post here about it), why didn't you just ask him? He would have had the choice to answer or not answer.

    Why imply that there's some sort of conspiracy that they're afraid of what they have to lose by supporting whichever candidate doesn't win? You have no idea why they haven't chosen to identify a preferred candidate in the runoff, so why do you feel the need to invent a reason?

  62. @Patrick. Thanks for the giggle.

    As for the rest of you, I'm stunned that anyone has their panties in a twist over this. Are you NEW? Did you think that the 46th was somehow immune to politics as usual? Do none of you remember when the mayor put up Sandra Reed as a candidate against Helen? He threw the entire bag of dirty tricks at her: thuggish campaign workers, dirty money, fake flyers. Not that Helen didn’t fight back with her shrill, derisive, though reliable, class warfare, evil condo owners and diversity bullshit. Welcome to Chicago.

    But it worked. Helen immediately started toeing the line and became just another rubber stamp, just like every other alderwonk, with the occasional sham vote, just to keep her street 'cred.

    The 46th was held by a democratic tool for many years. The ward was in decline, the factory jobs and shop girls from the 40s on had all gotten married and moved. The Jews picked up and left for Skokie, and the ward was in free fall, and starting to get swamped with urban Appalachian and Native Americans, since housing was cheap and so were the cops.

    Then, the alderman (who's name escapes me,) crossed the senior mayor D, who promptly turned around and used all of LBJ's Great Society money to dump every social service agency he could into the ward, to punish the alderman and scare everyone else into line. Since the poor dont donate money, own property or have any clout, it was a done deal right from that start. Should you have doubts, read American Pharaoh.

    The city continues it's downward spiral of decay, corruption and chaos till it hits rock bottom with the divisive election of Washington. Oh and Helen too.

    Harold's dead and Helen knew her days were numbered.

    So ladies and gentlemen, the “boys” want the ward back. And Molly is the girl to do it, just look at her campaign funds. With the prospect of development and the greasy palms, kickback and standard union extortion that comes with it. And who know how to turn the screw tighter than a real estate lawyer?

    James has the backing of the "go-gos" (good government) and lakefront liberals (Heather and Jan) but this election is going to be won or lost in the streets, not on Uptown Update.

    When "Chicago style politics" has become a by-word for nasty tricks, I'm really stunned that anyone on here is/was naive enough to think that this was going to be a clean fight.

    This rant takes a wide brush to the truth, but in the end, it's time to put on your big girl panties and get out in the streets and duke it out. Otherwise, once the machine gets their claws back into the ward, it's going to take an alderman + a sheep + a video camera to get them out.

  63. May I please borrow some big girl panties so I can help?

  64. Brian,

    I can supply the sheep!

    Open this and look at the top right hand corner.

  65. why are molly phelan's ads so negative? she seems like politics as usual. i'm voting for james cappleman.

    thanks for keeping things classy james.