Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh, Mr. Postman! More Campaign Lit

After we posted the last three Phelan flyers, there were requests by readers for the last three flyers from the Cappleman campaign.  Here they are, like Phelan's, with no judgment or commentary.  They speak for themselves:

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  1. I guess this election is about Mr. Cappleman! Both campaigns seem to only be talking about him.

  2. If there were ever a statement about the core values of each candidate, these flyers certainly express them, IMHO.

    One set of flyers is divisive, attacking, polarizing and motivate through fear and anger.

    The other candidate's set of flyers is unifying, straight forward, positive, uplifting and hopeful. They motivate by building up.

    I suppose if core values are important to you in a leader, these flyers are worth the time to study before you cast your vote.

  3. Agree Zesty Marinara. Thank you UU for posting both and letting us decide.

  4. In my opinion, there's a bit of a steely detachment with Molly's campaign (as if she's above and beyond it all).

    James? He seems to rise above, without even trying.

  5. It's very telling that we've seen Cappleman's campaign leave comments on various UU threads asking Cappleman's SUPPORTERS to play nice and not be hypercritical of Phelan's. That candidate and his people are truly interested in running a fair, honest campaign and rising above the bull. That speaks well to how he would handle the office once he had it. HAS it, I hope.

  6. How did Cappleman clean up Blood Alley? I don't believe he had anything to do with the security guards over there, what a crock!

  7. @Metalstud...RU New? Cleaning up Blood Alley was a huge community effort lead by James Cappelman and the COMMUNITY! Get up to speed.

  8. Not a crock, my friend. James was on the task force to get Clifton under control, at the request of Greg Harris. Interestingly, the alderman's office sent a rep who showed up at exactly one meeting and never came back. The security guards were just a small part of the changes that the task force effected.

  9. Looking at these flyers, I'm certainly happy about where my vote is going.

  10. I'm a cop and can't really make my political opinions known while I'm working or in uniform but in case anyone cares, Mr. Cappleman has my support as well as the support of some fellow coppers who live in Uptown.

    He has the right idea of how to deal with crime and it certainly isn't to waste taxpayer money on those useless over priced POD cameras. They do not deter crime. We don't have the manpower for anyone to even watch the damn things. We can rewind and possibly gain evidence but they are very rarely helpful.

  11. ChicagoNorthsider -

    First of all thank you for the job that you do especially in the current climate of the city. I am glad to see Weiss gone and hope that you all start receiving more support from top brass.

    I am hoping you can help me out. Many people in Uptown see the CPD as responders to crime with virtually nothing actually preventing it. Once James is in office, what are some ways that the community, James and the Police can SERIOUSLY crack down on gang violence, drug sales, public drinking and public misconduct?

    Further, in your opinion, are there things the community can do beyond positive loitering and calling 911 every 5 minutes to assist the Police that because of the current Alderman have not been able to be done?

    Finally, in your opinion, do you think a new Alderman will make that much of a difference to the level of crime in Uptown?

  12. Uptown Action, here's a quicker way. Just go straight to the source:

    Cappleman's Public Safety Plan

  13. @UptownAction

    Regarding crime and how to help clean up the neighborhood:

    My opinion is that Mr. Cappleman has a more realistic approach and Ms. Phelan is relying on cameras.

    I believe Mr. Cappleman has had more experience in this neighborhood working with residents and the city in an effort to improve the quality of life which in turn can have a positive affect on the reduction of crime.

    The criminal element is not a simple problem. There are lots of social,economic, and familial issues that bring individuals into that sort of life. A young punk can earn a little extra cash, gain respect from his peers, and not only gain an accepting family but also friends who will help protect him. These are some of the things that are enticing for a young person to be involved in criminal enterprises.

    Let's be honest here, it all starts with gangs, who sell drugs, which requires guns and violence to protect their drug spots from rivals who want to sell there. We also have the random acts of violence which are totally senseless. The issues of theft and burglary are mostly rooted in the offenders need to get money for drugs or the desire to sell the ill gotten goods to live a life beyond their means. Then there are the quality of life issues like vagrants and lowlifes who drink on the public way, litter, urinate and defecate on our sidewalks, doorways, and alleys. It makes the area look and smell terrible and gives some the impression that nobody cares so 'I might as well just throw my garbage on the ground too'.

    This can also become a vicious cycle where one generation brings up another and the result can be quite unnerving.
    I have seen this first hand over the years in law enforcement.

    What we need to do is help these kids find friends and support in more productive endeavors.
    That is why we need better after school programs and social services. Sex Ed!!! Can we offer young women parenting classes, and teach them what it takes to raise a child.

    Police can only do so much. Mothers turn to us and say 'Junior is out of control I don't know what to do!' Well, you spent 16 years screwing him up and you want us to fix it in a few minutes?

    I'm sick of arresting the same juveniles repeatedly only to see them walk out the door an hour later to a "guardian". I'm sick of arresting convicted felons repeatedly, and going to court for the judge to nolle the case. I'm sick of it, but I will keep doing it because that's my job.

    We are living in rough times. I'm dedicated to making Uptown better as a resident, and whoever wins this election will have a large burden to improve what has been neglected for so many years under Helen Shiller.

    An Alderman can allocate funds to programs aimed at getting to the root problems. They can also look for and cut wasteful spending and stop inflated insider contracts. Some city programs are good and helpful, others are a complete waste of money. An Alderman can put forth city ordinances aimed at curbing unwanted behavior.
    The Alderman is our voice in government and should represent what we want to happen in our neighborhood.

  14. continued...
    Yes, the police can be seen as responders to crime. Someone calls 911 and the police are dispatched to that location. Is a crime taking place or has taken place? Do the police have probable cause to arrest an individual or simply give the victim a report? That is what a beat car does, they are usually busy handling the dispatches and sometimes have time to be proactively looking for crime in progress.
    Tactical cars are out there too, they are the guys actively looking for the problem people and trying to stop the drug dealing.
    Also, if an offender has to go to the hospital, a beat car is made to sit at the hospital with the offender... that's one less beat car (2 officers)on the street. If there is a non-driveable traffic accident, that takes officers away from patrolling and stuck completing reports, possibly going to hospitals, and possibly processing arrests. It would take me a long time to explain all the different functions and duties an officer does.

    What can citizens do to help? keep calling 911 in emergencies, and 311 for city services. Go online and report graffiti, potholes, problem buildings, non functioning street lights, etc. I personally reported 3 potholes, graffiti, lights, suspicious people, drinkers, and gang activity just a few days ago online. its super easy. The graffiti is already painted over with nice clean green paint.
    When calling the police, don't exaggerate or lie, and please leave a name! Don't be anonymous because it gives zero credibility. If you're scared of reprisals, maybe go into the district station and talk to a desk officer and tell him or her whats happening.

    I'm all about zero tolerance. If you're breaking the law, you get locked up or given an ANOV (Administrative Notice of Violation)
    it's a citation that can be given to someone for urinating on the public way, drinking on the public way, smoking on the L, littering, driving while texting, etc.

    Sure, lots of scumbags won't pay, but it shows them that we're watching and we don't tolerate that behavior. Plus, the Department of Revenue handles that stuff after we write them and Revenue doesn't play around!!

    I would love to see the 023rd District officers walk up and down Sheridan, Lawrence, Wilson, Broadway, any problem area and just ANOV everyone who's in the wrong. BTW if you do not have an ID, will not sign the ANOV, or will probably not show up to court for those few mandatory court applicable offenses, then you are to be arrested! Get the wagon and pick them all up!

    I have lots of ideas, some might work, some might not. I'm more than willing to speak with the new Alderman with some ideas or to brainstorm. For the record, I do not work in Uptown, but I live here.

    The best advice I have is to live your life and support the neighborhood. We need to take back the streets and show them we aren't scared of them. We pay the taxes, and most likely we are paying for that bag of chips they just ate and the cleanup costs for the trash they tossed on the ground.

  15. Thanks for what you do ChicagoNorthsider, and thanks for being so thoughtful about how to make the community better. Stay safe!

  16. Caring Neighbor better fire up the scanner.

    Cappleman has hit back at Campaign Phelan.

    "Backed By Right-Wing Special Interests Molly Phelan Will stand in the way of reform".

    Then he ties one of her main financial backers to the tea party and hits her for working for Terry O'Brien over Preckwinkle.

    The photos they pulled off the WTTW interview aren't particularly flattering and are surrounded by dollar signs.

    My deceased Irish granny had a number of sayings:

    1. Stop playing with yourself we're late for Easter Sunday Mass.

    2. Once you pull the pin Mister Grenade is no longer your friend.

    3. They bring a knife you bring a gun. That's the Chicago way.

    Numbers two and three are applicable to Campaign Phelan. Seems like the Capplemaniac campaign was prepared for battle.

    Did Campaign Phelan actually think he was going to just take it?

    Amateurs. If they were going to go negative with the flyers they should have timed it so the Capplemaniac and his team didn't have time to respond.

  17. Cappleman voter but was disappointed he sunk to the negative bent,. Thought he was better than that.

  18. ChicagoNorthsider -

    Once the new Alderman is in place, I can only hope that community committees focusing on crime are established. You sound like you would make an excellent chair of such a committee.

    I agree that it all starts at home and that sex ed is desperately needed in our schools. Last week I witnessed a man and woman walking down the street with a 5 y/o and pushing a stroller with a toddler in it. The mom was smoking, both "adults" were cursing like sailors and both were overweight likely near the obesity line. It saddened me because I know that those kids are going to grow up and continue the cycle of ignorance and poverty. I see this daily walking around Uptown. We have decades to go before we are living in Shangri-La

  19. @Lyle: I'm also a Cappleman supporter/disappointed, but the way I see it he did this in response to three very negative fliers which were sent in the past two weeks. On the one hand it's noble to take the high road, but on the other it can come across as being too passive when your reputation is blatantly (and falsely I might add) being tarnished.

    The voters both campaigns are targeting at this point most likely do not read UU and so they might just believe everything they read.