Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Last Days Of Borders

Update: A reader writes, "I spoke to the liquidator today. Border’s is closing Monday, April 4th, for customers (and Wednesday for pickup of store fixtures that have been purchased.)"


  1. It's a shame, and such a nice building. The lease is not up until 2024 and square footage is right around $14-16sqft (25,000sqft). Hopefully they put something in there quick (Just not a gym, I signed a 2 year contract over at the world gym right before I knew Borders was going down.

    (The information above is from Crains Chicago Business.)

  2. Official last date is April 4th. Next Monday!

  3. It's a shame that with a seemingly favorable lease like that, they couldn't keep this location open.

  4. Also a shame that they've taken the easy way out with "managing their inventory" during the closing sale. I tried to find a specific CD in their music department and, after going through a couple of racks of thrown-together classical/country/rock/jazz offerings, gave up and went to a "real" record store.

    Hey Borders, you still have employees hanging around. Give them something productive to do, like arranging your CD's in such a way that people might actually end up BUYING some!

    P.S. They still had a huge stack of Sarah Palin tomes on the deep-discount table.

  5. @Gayle...

    The reason the shelves/product are out of order is due to the liquidators. They wanted people to "browse" for items and then find other things to buy, so when the staff shifted/condensed the products as they sold down no care was taken to keep them in order. They took the computers off of the sales floor for the same reason, so the staff could not search for items any longer. The liquidators don't even want the staff to help customers find items in the store, just show them the general area they might find what they are looking for. All of the products and fixtures in the store are actually owned by the liquidators, they controlled everything once the store went into liquidation.