Monday, March 28, 2011

No More Joy (Cleaners)

It's not quite English,
but it is completely charming
(click to enlarge)
"Dear Uptown Neighbors:

I just wanted to let people know that if they have any clothes at Joy Cleaners on 4520 N. Clarendon to get there as soon as possible!!  This place officially gave their keys to the landlord on Saturday, March 26th and are closed for business.  They left some numbers on the flier outside of their door for places to contact if you have any questions (and I'm guessing if you have some clothes that need to be picked up). 

It's concerning, considering that on Friday the sign they had in the establishment stated that they were officially closing on April 4th - I am hoping that no one's clothing is being held hostage over there!

Just wanted to give some folks a head's up!"

The numbers on the sweetly incoherent note left on the cleaner's front door are
  • Shirts: (773) 588-8356 (Mike's Laundry, 3445 W Peterson)
  • 773-338-3387 (which appears to be S&K Cleaners at 2058 W Devon)
  • 773-367-9430 (cell phone)


  1. Yikes! I just spoke to the guys at the numbers from the flier, and they aren't even familiar with Joy Cleaners and have no idea why their number was put on the flier.

    Becovic Management Company has gotten involved to figure out how to get in contact with the [former] owners of that Joy Cleaner's franchise to get people's clothes out. By main concern is that the Cleaners were taking in clothes up until Thursday - how are those customers going to get their clothes back?

  2. If someone locates their clothes, please post something. We are lucky to only have 1 item at Joy's, but we have called all 3 phone numbers since Saturday, and no one has answered. Am definitely interested in hearing if someone is successful!

  3. Thanks goodness for the spelling correction towards the middle of the document. I would have had a hard time understanding if that correction wasn't there.

  4. Hello Everyone and Fellow Clients at Joy Cleaners. My name is Keven and I am the manager at the Becovic Management Building next door.

    Let me say I apoligize for what you may be going thru. We are ourselves dont know what's going on with the building next door to us but we may be able to help if you have a TICKET from them. Please give us a call @ 773-271-6143 or stop by our office on corner of WILSON and CLARENDON before April 5th and we will do our best to help recieve what we can.

  5. Has anyone heard anything back from the locations listed on the flier?