Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wine Tasting And Police Fundraiser

There's a fundraiser next month, sponsored by the 23rd District Police Steering Committee and we hope to see a huge turnout.  If you can't make it, please buy some raffle tickets:

Wine Tasting
Sunday, April 17, 2-5 pm
Sports Corner- 956 W. Addison

Admission $10; raffle tickets are $5/each, 6 for $20.

Proceeds go to fund bike and needed bicycle accessories for the 23rd District bicycle police officers.


  1. good to have the heads up. i will try to make it.

    god knows it a good cause.

  2. This is an excellent thing. The bike Police catch lots of riff raff every year . I will donate for sure.

  3. oh this is great! ill make sure to pass on this information!

    good cause! i hope i can make it too!

  4. I hope you raise a lot of money for them, as a former resident there in Chicago, now a police officer her in South Carolina, I support all community support for them.