Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ink & Drink?

This sign for a zoning change (to "establish a tavern") was posted last week in the empty storefront next to the Tattoo Factory. 

So we asked around and found out that the owner wants to take advantage of the getting-tats-with-ten-or-fifteen-of-your-closest-friends trend.  What better place to wait and admire your buddy's new body art?  He's also hoping to get a permit for a sidewalk cafe.

Seems to us like a win/win for the neighborhood:  Another empty Broadway storefront gets filled; a for-profit business starts adding to the tax base; and there are more eyes on the street if the patio permit gets okayed.  The fact that a lot of cops hang out at Tattoo Factory doesn't hurt, either.

Sure beats the usual waiting room motif of  static-y tvs, turn-of-the-century magazines, and cracked naugahyde couches.  In fact, we think all waiting areas should serve booze.  Would definitely make waiting for oil changes and dentists a whole lot more appealing.


  1. Sounds like a real winner to me. The prices at the Tattoo Factory are higher then most but the work is quality and never fade out. I got some that are 10 years old and they look like I had them made yesterday.

  2. Not saying I'm averse to this, but does Uptown really need another bar or restaurant? (maybe we do, it just seems we have plenty)

    Still, at least it's not a ghetto business like the ones I've mentioned in the past. Now hopefully they can get someone in that building next to the methadone clinic.

  3. There must be phenomenal money in tattoos since they managed to hire the most connected Zoning attorney in town to handle the Zoning appeal.

    That thing is a done deal.

    And Uptown definitely needs more restaurants and bars. I remember the Sun-Times ran a map last year showing through a miracle of urban (not) development that the 46th ward has barely half as many bars and restaurants as any of the surrounding wards.

  4. Maybe I'm wrong then...I certainly didn't mean that I'd hate seeing this place open, esp. considering what COULD end up there.

    Maybe I don't notice it as much since I rarely ever eat out. Maybe this well-connected zoning attorney has need for a paralegal...I really need a job.

  5. There's already a bar/restaurant on the other side of the Tattoo Factory; I'm not sure why you'd get your panties in a twist about it.