Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ald. Shiller To Receive Damski Award

According to this press release, Ald. Shiller will be honored with the 14th Annual Jon-Henri Damski Award, named after the late Chicago activist and author.  Ald. Shiller is being cited for her commitment to Uptown and her work in securing funding for HIV/AIDS services in 1992 (which is actually a pretty entertaining story of Helen versus Richie: The Early Years).  The ceremony is to be held Wednesday, April 6 at Sidetrack, 3349 N. Halsted Street, 6p-8pm.


  1. Note to self skip Sidetrack on April 6th.

    I wish she would just go away.

  2. One thing I think most reasonable people can agree on is that Shiller was way out in front in the gay rights battles. That's one issue she was right on.

    Let her receive her award in relative peace. She deserves credit on that issue.

    In ten days, unless there's a tie, we will have an alderperson elect. It's time to focus more on the future and less on the past.

    PS. Get off your butts and go early vote.