Friday, March 25, 2011

Great Debate Video Available For Viewing

Impressive!  The Great Debate is already online, ready for viewing.  Thanks to the Great Debate Committee and especially to Corbin Smith for the fast work.

We won't embed it because it's HUGE and will bring the blog to a halt, but you can see it here:

If you want to follow along or you want to fast forward to a particular question, here's the Powerpoint layout along with the time frame for each question.

Reminder:  There's another debate between Molly and James, this one sponsored by the League of Women Voters, on Sunday, between 2-4pm.  It will be held at the same place, the Peoples Church, 941 West Lawrence.

Update:  Progress Illinois has an article on the debate that includes video of some attendees' reactions to it.

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  1. Fox Chicago was there filming for periods of time (mainly filming the audience for reactions) so I wonder if that will be posted on their site at some point or used in a story (there was no video in the UU fox link from before)