Friday, March 25, 2011

Gay Chicago Magazine: "Cappleman, Phelan Spar Over Zoning, Street Improvements"

Gay Chicago Magazine was at the Great Debate (of course it was) and found some differences of opinion between the candidates.  Zoning Committees, yea or nay?  How to use the menu money to make the streets safer?  Read the article here and find out who believes in what.  Some very tellling quotes from each candidate show where they stand and how they differ.


  1. You can't have an effect on crime and shooting by hiring more police. Police come to a crime scene AFTER the crime, not before and they act as a deterrent only temporarily. Too many police make for a doubly uncomfortable situation.

    A small but more organic way to reduce crime, is to make the environment more attractive to both business, people and surprisingly criminals.

    A nice looking neighborhood makes criminals feel uncomfortable in doing crazy things. It subliminally suggests that it's a bad idea, an "unsafe" location for a criminal.

    There really isn't much you can do about crime in a short period of time. It takes years, generations and a change in the social environment.

    Molly Phelan sounds like someone who would hire Blackwater to patrol the area.

    Cappleman sounds a bit listless.

    Not much of a choice...but there never is.

  2. That's an interesting choice of words to describe James. I suggest you get your hands on a dictionary. Given all the community organizations and task forces, and personal initiative he's shown to improve the neighborhood, I'd say James is the antithesis of "listless."

  3. Let me suggest a few descriptors people who have worked with James Cappleman over many years in our neighborhood have used to describe his efforts in the community - indefatigable, concerned, hard-working, results-oriented, tireless, driven, a listener, and caring.

    I have even personally heard Molly several times in the past praising James with some of these acknowledgements, before campaign handlers pushed her to go negative.

  4. Molly wouldn't want little ole community members getting in the way of her colleague's (or campaign contributors) potential real estate deal profits as they develop every lot possible if she were to win.

  5. This is just a well planned campaign tactic or talking point on the part of Campaign Phelan.

    I recall "Yellow Dog Democrat" mocking Cappleman over his call for various committees on Uptown Update.

    Of course that was before YDD disappeared from the blog after people figured out he was Dave Clarkin professional campaign Bullshit artist and campaign consultant to Phelan. Hell, a Greg Hinz blog post suggested he was going to be made Campaign Manager to Campaign Phelan.

    For those who forget his blog antics here is something a Mr Stonewall Riots put together.

    I'm betting ole Stonewall is not a fan of the Confederacy or of Campaign Phelan.

    The amusing thing is if you look through old yellow dog's posts you see a basic primer for the way Campaign Phelan has been run so far.

    Overly scripted, not particularly genuine, more reactive than proactive, constantly dissembling, lacking discipline, and trying to hype minor things as if they are major things.

    Outside that Campaign Phelan has been a professionally run organization.

    I will give them one thing, Campaign Phelan knows how to use a staple gun to put up signs on wooden utility poles in alleys.

    If utility poles can vote then Cappleman better start updating his social worker credentials!

    As to Phelan turning over the ward to real estate interests I wish the economy was strong enough that the next aldercritter, whoever that is, had that option. Of course, I might wish they never exercise the option, but a strong economy is good for almost everyone and it would certainly be nice to see more people living here and more vacant storefronts filled.