Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last Weekend For Early Voting

So what are you waiting for?!  This is the last weekend to vote early for the April 5th election.  You can go to Truman College today until 5pm and Welles Park Fieldhouse (2333 W Sunnyside) Sunday between 9am-3pm.  Both locations will be open Monday through Thursday, 9am-5pm, as well.  Early voting ends Thursday, March 31st.


  1. ....and now for something completely different......yet familiar.

    In the last four days Campaign Phelan has taken in $20,500. All outside the ward with the possible exception of one $1000 donation. I'm too lazy to look at a ward map.

  2. In the interests of full disclosure Cappleman reported a total of $1500 in the same time period. One donation from outside the ward.

    I have you now.......

  3. We the PEOPLE.........

    Now vote folks, get out there and vote because it's very clear what's happening here.

    Cash register politics. Ca ching.

    It will be interesting to watch the next nine days. Hopefully unlike the 47th ward we can avoid arrests.,0,7506866.story

    It is unworthy of a hyperlink.

  4. Well, that's the last time I'll ever eat at a Karavites owned McDonalds. Which is good for me morally AND physically! (Buh-bye, Sheridan/Wilson, Sheridan/Foster and BrynMawr/Clark!)