Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gay Chicago Magazine: "Cappleman, Phelan In Heated Battle In 46th Ward"

New article on the runoff by the omnipresent Gary Barlow in Gay Chicago MagazineRead it here.


  1. I swear, she's morphing into Helen Shiller more every day.

    Next thing you know, her campaign will be hiring George "Batman" Atkins!

    Funny to see her refer to James, whom she's known for years, as "Mr. Cappleman."

  2. Interesting, I was not aware of Mr. Cappleman's 1.3 million flowerbox plan. I must have missed that flier in the mail. Molly please tell me more about it since you seem to know all about it.

    Not sure "Catty" covers her tone. Molly here's a hint, spend more time talking about YOUR specific plans. When you do, it will be the first time I have heard you do so.

  3. I just saw that James Cappleman actually got the most votes in february, 2 more than Molly.

  4. http://chicagoelections.com/wdlevel3.asp?elec_code=25

    Itza landslide.

    Cappleman by TWO votes.

    If anyone knows how many write in votes Sandra Reed got please post it.

  5. Wow, Molly (or Miss Phelan) is now twisting James' plan for the ward.

    This is directly from his campaign website: "•Use the $1.3 million dollars in menu funds for improvements including more streetscaping, pedestrian lighting, planters, and public art to attract foot traffic in the area."

    Yes, more planters are part of his plans to improve the streetscaping as well as walkability of our ward's streets, in addition to better lighting and public art. That seems like a lot more than "flower pots and benches," Miss Phelan - two items that aren't even specifically mentioned in James' plan.

    And, this is directly from Miss Phelan's website (actually, this is a recent update): "Phelan has pledged to use her $1.3 million aldermanic discretionary budget to improve public safety, working with police to improve lighting in crime hotspots and make other improvements." In no part of that statement, did she say that she would hire more officers (which, frankly, I don't think an alderman can do with the ward's menu funds), so either she is outright lying to the press in the Gay Chicago Magazine article, or she is twisting her words around (and copying James' plan for using aldermanic menu funds for more streetlights).

    I truly hope that the next four weeks will focus on the issues to move our ward forward and not merely critizing the other candidate. We have had polarization for the last 20 plus years - let's move past that to real ideas to make our neighborhood an even better place to live and work.

  6. Not only was Molly's "decorator flower pot" comment in poor taste, I think it was also a bit stereotypical - especially to be giving such a comment to Gay Chicago Magazine.

    I think both candidates bring really good things to the table, but Molly - that just wasn't cool.

  7. Looks like James also just got the endorsement of U.S. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. That's a pretty big one. UU, might want to add that one on your sidebar.

  8. The Capitol Fax Blog says:

    The 46th Ward runoff featuring Molly Phelan and James Cappleman got a bit catty this week…

    “The big difference between Mr. Cappleman and me is that I’ve committed to spending $1.3 million dollars to put more police on our streets,” Phelan said, referring to discretionary funds alderman control. “Mr. Cappleman wants to spend it on decorator flower pots and benches.”

  9. Masked Avenger...

    Isn't Schakowsky's husband a lobbyist and convicted felon? Isnt she connected to Charles Rangel, and isn't Nancy Pelosi her "idol".... a lot of people like her, but I don't.

    I think I will just personally ignore that endorsement.

  10. Capstone, I won't sling mud, so I won't comment on your allegations. Suffice it to say the voters of this ward and surrounding neighborhoods that comprise her district saw fit to reelect her in November. Whether you personally like her, many many do. If I were James or Molly, I'd rather have Schakowsky's support than not have it. And moreover, her seems to represent the latest in a flood of endorsement for James from our nearby local elected leaders, who know James because of the work he's done in the community. These are endorsements from people who know who is required to govern, and it looks like they are lining up behind James. No elected leaders have come out for Molly yet. And five of nine of the other candidates from the general election have given their support to James so far. None have to Molly yet. I like Molly personally and may be supportive of her for some position in the future, but I think James is the more qualified candidate for this job at this time. It seems Schakowsky and many others agree.

  11. Masked,

    No mudslinging there, just stated the facts. Whether those things bother you or not, that is your opinion.

    you must be reading impaired..... please re-read

    "a lot of people like her, but I don't."

    "I think I will just personally ignore that endorsement."

    Notice I said the word "PERSONALLY".... I plan on being a likely vote for James, but I personally will ignore that endorsement. Is that clear enough for you???? Now that I'm on your side of the vote?

    I would have said the same thing if she endorsed Molly.

  12. These are endorsements from people who know who is required to govern ...

    I'll grant you that these are elected officials.

    I'll also grant you that Robert Creamer's convictions for wire fraud and tax evasion may/may not be germane to issues within the 46th ward or the city of Chicago (though, that fact may lend itself to questions of character).

    Finally, politically speaking, it is usually better to have the support of incumbents than to not - you are correct.

    However, winning an election does not necessarily equate to one's ability to determine who or what is required to govern.

    One look at the financial conditions of all levels of government pretty much proves that point.

    Let's not forget that Jan has a history of supporting Helen, and she did not endorse James the last go 'round.

    Yes, the endorsements linig up behind James do look nice - however, they really don't mean anything.

  13. I'm not thrilled by Carol Ronen or Jan Schackowsky, but as a Cappleman voter, I'm thrilled with the endorsements. Why? Because we need an alderman who can play well with others, particularly people who control pursestrings.

    Being a maverick is certainly fun, but the thing is, you don't get a lot accomplished without cooperation. Look at Helen as Exhibit A. When she was "49-to-1 Helen" -- she had a great reputation outside of Uptown. Feisty! Courageous! But what did Uptown gain? Very little. It was only when she and Daley kissed and made up (okay, brain bleach, please) that Uptown was able to get big-ticket funding and TIF money.

    Even now, you see all the surrounding politicians get together on, say, MLK Service Day. But not Helen, who belatedly gloms onto some existing minor event. Who gets the volunteers and actually performs service? Not the last-minute maverick.

    So having the cooperation of the U.S. representative, the state senator, and the still very powerful Carol Ronen are good indicators that if James is elected, these women will work with him and support his ideas. I do like Heather; as I said, not thrilled with Carol or Jan. Yet, I take it as a good omen for Uptown for the next four years that they have endorsed him.

    Anyone else notice that the three candidates of color AND the Republican GOP committeeman have also endorsed James? That's coalition building, and that's something mavericks aren't so good at.

  14. My point was not to antagonize anyone or dismiss those concerns; nor was it to defend Schakowsky. It was only to make the point that it from a purely political perspective the endorsement likely a net positive for James (for the typical voter who just reelected her), especially when taken into context the string of other elected officials supporting him. I also would have said the same if everyone was lining up behind Molly.

  15. Masked,

    I understand, sometimes it's hard to distinguish someone's attitude in the internet world. Especially when 90% of the people on here have a personal vendetta against Molly.

    I agree that endorsements will help candidates in the "big picture".

    For example....this is hypothetical and #'s are made up....

    30% of voters are informed voters that like "Candidate A".

    30% of voters are informed voters that don't like "Candidate A".

    40% of voters see "Candidate A" has lots of so called "good endorsements" so they vote for "Candidate A"

    My point is endorsements are good because a large part of the electorate, in my opinion, don't do their due diligence when voting. I'd rather have a "not so great" endorsement and maybe gaurantee myself 70% of that endorsement's voters than not have an endorsement. If I just made any sense.......

    Hell, if I were either candidate I would probably be happy to have Helen's endorsement... Well, lets not go that far.

  16. Personal vendetta against Molly?

  17. I don't have a personal vendetta against Molly...I just don't like how she rests on her parents' laurels, "appropriates" others' ideas as her own, and flippantly tosses about "decorator flower pots" disparagingly about her gay opponent in an interview with a gay media outlet. The more this goes on, the more I'm able to put a finger on what troubles me about her...a lack of humility.

  18. Michele,

    Don't pretend to be blind, you're better than that, maybe.

    If you read my previous post my vote is likely going to James, so I'm with you there, but don't ignore the fact that commenters on UU are looking for any and every little thing to bring Molly down.

  19. If Molly keeps making stupid comments like "decorator flower pots" she'll bring herself down...

  20. Capstone...Personal Vendetta against Molly is extreme. This is politics. As I may point to your comment, this is the written word to be interpreted. I will adjust my glasses, but you implied 90% of "here" has a personal vendetta against Molly. Hmmm...you either have ESP or ??? I don't KNOW Molly, I only know OF her. I know on election day, in front of Walt Disney, while volunteering, she never introduced herself to me. No conversation, no small talk, no "do you live in the ward", "where do you live". She was at that particular polling place for at least the 4 hours I was there and this was not prime time. I met many new neighbors that day and we just talked. Vendetta...no! Me feeling insignificant...yes!

  21. Michele,

    Sounds like you're mad now she didn't introduce herself to you. You are proving my point. And "decorator flower pots" being a stab at the gay community? Get real, as a person who is part of the culture I dont find it offensive. It's politics, yeah, politics don't have to be vile. Some choose to make it that way.

  22. I am part of the gay community and I am very offended by Ms. Phelan's "decorative flower pot" comment. I've heard of openly gay candidates get these anti-gay attacks in places like Oklahoma and Arkansas, but did not expect it in the 46th Ward of Chicago. She is implying that Mr. Cappleman is somehow not "tough" enough on crime because he is gay. It would be really sad if the voters in the 46th Ward bent to these kind of gay-slur scare tactics that have been used so often to dismiss and demean LGBT leaders. It is sad and desperate.

  23. Capstone...You seem angry. Not bashing Molly. No vendetta - i am Italian and am pretty sure she hasn't left any of my kinsmen "swimming with the fishes". I am not implicating she is anti -gay with flower box remarks, nor insulting those who wear glasses or telling others they are reading impaired. I just picture candidates running for public office shaking hands and having their pictures taken with babies that is all. IN MY OPINION...every opportunity to shake a hand and introduce youself to members of the community you wish to represent is an important one. If candidates make efforts to knock on your door and call your home to introduce themselves, they can certainly meet their community on a day just standing on a corner. That is true of all candidates...Being courteous to those around us is applicable to everyone, NOT just candidates.

  24. LOL.

    Michele, I've seen both candidates on the street and both introduced themselves to me. I have a feeling you being the hardcore Cappleman supporter you are, you probably were standoffish enough for her to not to want to even bother. Just don't grasp at straws on here looking for creative ways to hurt Molly. As I've said in another post, you're hurting him when you do that, and pushing people teetering like me more towards Molly, especially when James has my vote right now. For Capplemans sake please cut it out. I don't see Molly supporters on here flaming on James because he didn't support woman's day today and therefore hates all women. Infact, that's the only thing I seem to like about Molly supporters is they don't come on here to flame about petty things that have nothing to do with the qualifications of being a good alderman. I'm ending it here. Go Cappleman, hope your supporters aren't this ridiculous when we do get you elected, because then I will question your talents of bringing all kinds of people in the ward together when some of your supporters(probably a small percentage of them) can have so much unworthy angst towards someone.

  25. Goodnight Capstone (whoever you are ) and sweet dreams. Thank you for supporting the community and having the sense of what is best for the common good. :3 Go Team 46th ward !

  26. Capstone... Coffee... Starbuck on Wilson/Magnolia tomorrow, u pick the time...bring Molly...or we can walk over to her office. Peace offering... Pretty sure we can figure out who is who...