Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aldermanic Candidates Burn Up the CAN-TV Airwaves

Molly appears on North Town News Magazine (above). You can also see her previous appearance, as well as those by Michael Carroll, Don Nowotny and Diane Shapiro. (We just became aware of this site and we're sorry we didn't run the clips before the general election.)

James appears on Issue Forum and is interviewed by Commissioner Frank Avila. (This one is worth watching if only to check out Comm. Avila's necktie.)


  1. Better than I expected - Molly fudged her facts a bit less than she usually does. Molly, get over the bragging about your brief internship in college crap - it makes you seem inexperienced and gives you no credibility with anyone who lives north of Montrose and knows you have made little personal effort there on any issue involving crime.

    By the way, perhaps Molly could share her nifty tricks for keeping her eyeglasses propped on her head with her interviewer in this video, who was constantly distracting viewers by grabbing for his yarmulke, which apparently kept slipping off his head.

    On that note, I am also quite pissed at Molly for interjecting in her interview with Gay Chicago Magazine what, even she is bright enough to realize, is homophobia by trying to misstate Cappleman's record/plan on crime as favoring "designer planters"...etc.

    The voters see what you are trying to imply and this ugly cattiness is unacceptable behavior, particularly in our ward and particularly for a supposed adult politician. This election is not a Frat Party and your subtle but snide homophobic remarks do not impress the voters, and are not excused because you mingled with a female impersonator or two at the Kit Kat Club on election night.

  2. If you watch Molly's interview...
    Right after the moderator remarks she was initially recommended to him by Terry O'Brien at the 2 minute mark, he starts naming people in the studio but off camera who are working for her campaign, yet there is someone who clearly didn't want to be named.

    I wonder who was there with her...was it our favorite yellow dog or another political operative dispatched to the Phelan campaign? Perhaps it was Brendan Reilly himself. Curious indeed.

  3. Correction:
    Molly's comment was "decorator flower pots and benches" rather than "designer pots", but the false insinuation connecting her opponent's crime record to his personal identify is the same in either case.

  4. I think Molly's interview was better than I expected. She admitted that her position at the City's Drug and Housing Division was during law school. She came across as pretty forthcoming.