Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mayhem At Winthrop And Winona

This is disturbing.  A reader wrote to us in the wee hours of Tuesday morning:

"My husband and I just witnessed members of the white t-shirt brigade in an SUV speed through the stop sign, ram 2 cars on our street, try to flee, then abandon the disabled vehicle.   The passengers of the vehicle fled the scene with friends that were in 2 cars that were following them.  Police responded quickly but did not get here in time to see the fleeing offenders.  

We gave statements and descriptions to the police as well as licence plate numbers.  We overheard the radio call from the police and learned the abandoned car's VIN was registered in Evergreen Park, but the plates didn't match and were expired.  

I was disappointed that I didn't see the police dust the car.  I am also disappointed that the blue light camera on the corner is not monitored, so of course no info was gotten from there.  

There is supposed to be neighborhood-funded 24-hour armed security at the CHA building the accident occurred in front of, but the security guards were nowhere to be found and the police confirmed the security detail was not on the property.
The damage is major to the two cars that were hit and one might be totaled."

If you are the owner of one of the damaged cars and want to be put in touch with this reader, please send a description of your car to us and we'll forward your email to them.


  1. Glad no one was hurt. fyi.......the cameras are running 24/7. The police can review the tapes. If you feel they did not do their job properly contact the police.

  2. Instead of calling "the police" to report on "the police" you may want to try contacting Doc Brown, have him pick you up in the DeLorean, make sure the flux capacitor is working, set a coarse for April 2011, hit 88mph, walk in to your new Alderman's office, be pleasantly surprised when he/she listens to your concerns, jump back in the DeLorean, come home and rest assured that your elected officials are working hard for you.

  3. I was awoken by all the screaming last night. One guy from the car behind got out of his car and went up to the car in front. The guy got into the car, pushed the driver to the passenger side and tried starting the car up himself, but it just wouldn't go. That guy got back into the SUV, pulled up next to the broken-down car and was yelling that the car was dead and just to leave it, so that's what they did! I was unaware of the damage done to the 2 cars until this morning. It was bad!!! I was about to call the police when the car was abandoned, but they already came.

    I was wondering the same thing....WHERE WAS KATES???

  4. I don't think Kates is that big of a deterrant to crime on this street. When they see Mercy Housing residents buying crack from the usual suspect gang bangers, they don't call the cops. I've witnessed this first hand as I'm calling 911. In fact, I've seen the same gang bangers fraternizing with some of the security guards posted.
    This is officially the 48th ward, so it's Mary Ann Smith/Harry Osterman territory. Will that DeLorean still work under those circumstances?

  5. 2aaa15c6-49a6-11e0-91eb-000bcdcb5194....

    I've seen the same thing with Kate's Security also. Many times during the fall when the female was working for Kate's she would constantly flirt with the gangbangers and watch on as they sold drugs right next to her.

  6. I think most security guard companies are mostly a waste of money unless the guards they send to a post are trained and qualified and most of all have some experience under their belt. Most of the guards I see are either sitting behind a desk or trying to hide from problems, looking the other way when they do occure. Lets face it a unarmed guard with only a baton, mace and a big flashlight certainly won`t scare off much crime around these streets.

  7. You kinda have to wonder what happens in one of these capers from start to finish, I think it would make good tv for sure. I moved out of this neighborhood to the less-crappy but somewhat troubled Rogers Park, but I still have an interest in what goes on here

  8. Unlike a lot of those who comment on Uptown Update, I believe the guards have had a significant impact on drug and loitering activity in the neighborhood. There are less people going in and out of the buildings and the groups of young men who used to accost residents and harass school children have moved on to other places. I have noticed also that the residents have started playing outside with their children. To me, this is a sign they feel safer as well.