Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Windy City Times Takes A Look At The 46th Ward

Windy City Times covered the recent aldermanic forum in Lakeview at the Inter-American School, and also interviewed the three gay candidates pretty extensively:


  1. Thanks for the Note to Commenters!

    Uptown Update does a great job -- especially compared to the MSM sites -- of fostering a civil discussion on the issues and the genuine policy differences of the candidates.

    With JUST ENOUGH political punditry to make things interesting!

  2. How predictable - Don once again brings up his experience as being condo president... Old.

  3. WCT: Are you behind any one mayoral candidate?

    Don Nowotny: Not right now. I can work with any of the candidates, and I'm excited about having a new mayor and an independent city council.

    Blah blah blah .. bullsh*t.

    I wasn't the only person who spoke with a canvasser for Rahm who was told about your candidacy back in November, champ.

    Coincidence, I'd imagine, right?

    And, of course, Toia being on Team-Rahm is coincidental as well.