Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Uptown's Crime, Business Slump are Key Issues"

The Tribune has an article on Uptown and the 46th Ward candidates today.  Read "In 46th Ward, 11 Battle to Replace Shiller as Alderman" here.


  1. Wow. That was actually a decent, well written, fact-based article in the Chicago Tribune. It is a winter thaw miracle!!!

  2. on a side note, my wife and i got posters in the mail today from Emily Stewart.

    They are AWESOME.

    I'd send them, but they really are posters, and i don't know anyone who has a scanner big enough.

    I'd like to retract everything I said about Michael Carroll being the divisive candidate.

    "It's our ward, join me and we'll take it back."

    Wow, Emily. You go!

  3. YDD,

    the "posters" you refer to are approximately the same size as other candidates mailers. The quality of the paper stock is better and it's taller and narrower. I just compared them to other mailers.

    One candidate's flyer is approximately 17 x 11 and another candidate's is approximately 15 x 12 inches. Have your wife do the math for you.

    Emily's mailer clearly references criminals and drug dealers and shows a dark alley with graffiti. I think any sane person knows who she wants to take the ward back from.

    You just can't help spinning everything, can you?

    Now I don't believe candidates should be held liable for the silliness of the worst of their supporters. However, like the departed Mooshie who ranted on Michael Carroll's behalf, YOU are not helping Molly Phelan with your distortions and contortions.

    Take a deep breath big guy. It's only seven days till round one of the election.

  4. Still...Who is Emily and where has she been?

  5. IP:

    I refer to them as posters not just because they are on heavy card stock, but because mine at least were unfolded.

    Now that you point it out, there is text on the back. I doubt that most people read it though...it takes two hands to hold it up.

    And the image is pretty powerful stuff. To bad she couldn't get a REAL crime scene, that would really exploit people's fears in the neighborhood.

    Thanks for pointing out the text though. Funny thing:

    At the Borders event she said she was for spending 20% of our TIF funds on building more affordable housing.

    Uptown Update recently quoted her as saying that if you were against affordable housing, you were against (economic) diversity.

    But now she says that she will "work with community organizations and building managers to develop a 'community standard' for affordable housing in the 46th Ward."

    No mention at all of her support for dramatically increasing affordable housing.

    BTW, does this count as proof of residency? :)

  6. YDD - I'm not sure giving vote-harvesting lip-service support to a feel-good financial boondoggle in waiting necessarily conflicts with Emily's stated desire to work within the community to create an affordable housing standard.

    I would hope that a framework for spending and results were in existence before we started cutting checks (for a change).

    The real argument is how can a candidate possibly support any new spending program without having a detailed understanding of the financial environment from which that funding will come?

    .... I'll send you my bill

  7. Emily also might want to find something orginal to put on her "posters". As I believe Mr. Cappleman had a picture of the Hotel Chateau a week or so ago. With his picture was a discription of the work he has done with the community to hold it accountable for violations it had in housing court. Emily's picture was taken post blizzard so it was taken in the past 10 days. Emily, what do you think needs to happen to the Hotel Chateau? Your office is accross the street from it. Or was it just a nice place to take a photo?

  8. Uptown Vegetarian - You are absolutely correct about the Hotel Chateau photo as well. I thought the same thing after receiving her campaign 'poster' in the mail yesterday. Clearly, taken after the blizzard.

    Hotel Chateau seems the hot topic of the 46th ward election. First, James Cappleman send out a campaign flyer with a picture of him standing in front of the building, listing his accomplishments to improve the safety of the building. Then, Molly sends an email blast to her "campaign supporters" (seems to be a very similar list to FWY supporters) saying what her plans for Hotel Chateau (she hasn't done anything to date regarding the crime-ridden building). Then, just for fun, Emily has her picture taken in front of the building after the blizzard.

    I am nicknaming this the WWJD election - What Would James Do. Many candidates - especially Molly and Don - are taking James's campaign platform from 2007 and calling it their own. Now, they are trying to copycat whatever he views as an issue in the ward. Sounds like someone is a true leader in our ward, and we have a bunch of followers....

  9. Both James and Molly sent out mailers regarding the Hotel Chateau, which resonates strongly with residents south of Irving Park. Several of the Chateau residents are confrontational when they wander the streets, and the slumlord owner, Jack Gore, is pretty hideous. A housing court judge actually held him in contempt for barring City inspectors from the Diplomat Hotel, a firetrap near Belmont. He owns several SRO's, so he can afford to fix them, but chooses not to. He'd apparently rather keep a higher profit. The Schiller office has been cool with that, but Tunney shut the Diplomat down.

    So the residents south of Irving Park know James and Molly will take on the Hotel Chateau. Given Emily's comments out "diversity," I don't know that she'll have either the courage or the will to rock the boat.