Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thaw Out, Guns Out

A reader writes in regarding POSSIBLE shots fired:
"So I am on Windsor and Hazel, and there were about 5-7 shots fired about 20 mins ago (around 6:30pm), the police are everywhere right now, at least 5 cars, 2 officers are out on the southwest corner of Windsor and Hazel looking for casings I would imagine.

Maybe related, my son and I were walking home from Target, on Sunnyside, east of Sheridan, there were about 10-12 kids hanging out. One went down by the alley behind the strip mall on Sheridan and Sunnyside, right on the sidewalk and did a very open drug deal about 4:45 pm, and then they went running towards Wilson, grabbing for their waists. Of course I called 911, and gave a description of the the buyer of the little baggies."


  1. Heard shots just after 6:30 last night It sounded close I heard several shots.